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If your political base has crumbled and you are trying to reach the road to recovery, symbolism is important. From the wreckage that is the Scottish Labour Party came just such a move, today appointing Alan Roden, Political Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail to become its Director of Communications. For a party in such […]
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Global Justice Now policy officer Alex Scrivener says the EU's Common Agricultural Policy has been a "disaster" and the UK deserves a fairer food system
LET'S get one thing straight: the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (Cap) is a disaster. It is essentially a £50bn welfare system for the landed gentry and other big landowners across Europe. 
While people who genuinely need public funds find...
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Tony Blair is innocent. He did what any ambitious, thrusting politician with a crushing majority would do…bestride the world stage and play up to the great powers, embracing the power lure of igniting war. Here was a man so popular, so representative of the country the UK wanted to be, he could do anything (that […]
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