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Research carried out by academics at Bath Spa University, showing that half of teachers could leave in the next 18 months, should “set off alarm bells across the Scottish Government” says a Green MSP.Ross Greer MSP, the party’s education spokesperson, says the research shows teachers already have too many administrative functions and not enough preparation time and support.Greer, a West of...
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It’s a sleepy Wednesday in July, so let’s celebrate some proud British culture! Those are pics from the Orange Walk in Alloa last weekend. But let’s see what lucky Scotland could upgrade that to in the future – thanks to the lovely Scottish Tories and everyone who voted for them – with a little glance across the […]
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For those of you bewildered by the Trump phenomenon, the insight that he is in fact a Dalek makes everything make sense. Consider this. He is: Orange, Fascist, afraid of stairs, has unhelpfully small appendages, devoid of empathy and barks repetitive meaningless statements. If you are wondering “If Trump’s a Dalek – who’s Davros?” This […]
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The new British Army advert is astonishing. This image – one of a series – shows soldiers larking about in the ruins of some land. The emphasis is on ‘Belonging’ ‘camaraderie’ and community, all attributes noticeably missing from contemporary life, and arguably even more so from young men’s lives. But here’s the twist. Belonging comes […]
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