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A move to impose tougher controls on landowners scarring hillsides by bulldozing tracks for deer stalking and grouse shooting has been launched in the Scottish Parliament.
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(NB The media is understandably mostly occupied today with the horrific events in Manchester. But life goes on – music websites are still talking about music, football websites are still talking about football, videogames websites are still talking about videogames. Any rational observations about terrorism made here would be screamed down as making political capital from tragedy....
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Stephen Daisley, formally of  STV and now Daily Mail, posted this tweet. So basically he is asking people to put themselves forward to imagine to fight the First Minister of Scotland. Now Daisley might think this is funny or one of those childhood I can beat you type things but in the current climate of […]
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Like a lot of people, I’ve just been watching Jeremy Corbyn, overwhelmingly confirmed as leader of the Labour Party, say nothing I really disagreed with and doing pretty well (with comparatively soft questions) on the Andrew Marr show. The last time I voted Labour was in 1983, which was roughly the last time either Jeremy […]
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