Some will no doubt be aware of my decision to absent myself from Twitter for a while following a particularly noisome exchange after I requested that people be respectful of transgender people, regardless of their opinions. Here are my thoughts on that exchange.
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@Jeggit The transgender debate on twitter is a horrible place to enter. I imagine the same arguments were used against homosexuality (and sadly are still deployed today by some).

Unfortunately, twitter will never be the platform for informed discussion. Due to its bitesize character limit you're always going to get headline style takes on things.

I'd also say it doesn't help us at all that the loudest voice in the gender debate for Scottish twitter is Wings, who seems intent in tarring all transgender folk with the same brush. When this gives the appearance of the "normal" view, it makes it harder for those of differing opinions to speak out for fear of a pile on.

However it needs folk like yourself Jason. Not specifically as a voice standing up for their rights, but just as a voice of reason and compassion, to remind the world that evil doesn't lurk in the unknown. Because its the unknown that people are afraid of.
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@Murchie Dave, you are so right. I don't really know Stu Campbell's take on transgender people in general, as it's a subject I've worked very hard to avoid ... well, until now. Like the moral panic over gay and lesbian rights, it's so easy for so many to forget that this involves millions of perfectly good and innocent people. And it is so frustrating that in this 'debate' we presume the right to interrogate the very essence of their personal lives. Never have I been asked to explain my gender or my 'lifestyle.' We just don't seem to learn.
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