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Question; If you were in the middle of a pandemic which was killing people, destroying the national economy, sapping the wellbeing of the entire population and condemning the elderly to endless solitary confinement, who would you NOT put in charge of your major UK health strategy? Answer; The Baroness Dido Harding of Winscombe, who is […]
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There’s little that’s attractive about the Conservatives at the best of times. They’ve always been the party of privilege and the interests of the wealthy. Once upon a time, they covered their patrician entitlement under a thin veneer of appeals to British patriotism, and a proclaimed belief in gentlemanly behaviour and honour. But now they […]
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Orpington’s Princess Royal Hospital in deepest Tory Kent, seat of Jo Johnson with a 60% majority, was inspected in November 2019 and the report published last week. It’s frankly horrific and if known locally must be spreading fear and panic. The inspectors wrote: ‘Morale across the department remained low and with that the culture ofContinue reading "'A culture of learned...
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