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A CONSULTATION to ensure the long-term growth of Gaelic and Scots has been launched by the Scottish Government.
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Keep in mind that support for independence amongst women has fallen 17% over the last few years. Due to the direction the SNP have taken on women’s sex based rights.— Mel 🇪🇺 (@meljomur) August 29, 2022 A few weeks ago on Twitter, I was on the receiving end of what I think can reasonably be described as a mini-pile-on, simply because I was pointing out a self-evident truth: that it would...
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This week Kenny Farquharson had a scoop of an interview with Stephen Noon, the former mastermind of the Yes campaign in 2014 (‘Yes Scotland mastermind Stephen Noon calls for Nicola Sturgeon to compromise’) reflecting on his views and in which he urged Nicola Sturgeon to “compromise on independence and work towards a more powerful Scotland […]
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Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

Rookie Tory MSP Tess White forced to apologise after 'anti-English' heckle aimed at Nicola Sturgeon
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NICOLA Sturgeon was left "deeply offended" following an MSP's comment to her while she was answering a question on tackling racism in Scotland.
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Some of you reading this will have heard of The Hub - perhaps even used it - however a lot of people will be unfamiliar of what it is and why you should be using it. Put simply - The Hub is a social media platform, dedicated to Scottish Independence.… Continue Reading Campaigning With The Hub
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