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Indyref 2 on the cards as earth-shaking EU referendum TELEPHONE poll shows Remain lead collapsing

Before last night, there had only been two online Britain-wide voting intention polls on the EU referendum since David Cameron's failure to secure credible concessions from his European partners - but the swing of favour of "Leave" seen in both was fairly hard to dismiss as a fluke.  The only remaining question was whether the next telephone poll would confirm the trend - and it was...
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@Caleyjag It's not a particularly difficult app to build, if they go ahead with this someone will fill the space they vacate.
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@Caleyjag Apparently they are changing from a chronological to an algorithmic method much like facebook, favs and most popular first. Seems crazy, If this is true.
Well it would seem twitter is ready to press the self destruct button, they couldn't be satisfied with their market share, it's a shame but it's also an opportunity for another developer to fill the void #RIPTwitter
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Tax credits saved at a stroke: cut benefits to the wealthy

As Chancellor Osborne prepares to unveil a new “benefit savings” proposal, Russell Bruce presents a costed alternative George Osborne has to find savings of £4.5bn to reinstate his proposed tax credit cuts after the House of Lords, being unusually populist, decided to throw out his changes to Tax Credits. I thought it might be helpful to suggest where the money could be found. Nothing...
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Carrier bag charge donation

Cancer care hospice named as another beneficiary of carrier bag charge.
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Put in our place

So now Scotland knows where it stands. Alistair Carmichael is innocent. There’s officially nothing wrong with a minister in the UK government deliberately lying in an attempt to undermine the democratically-elected First Minister of Scotland before a general election, smearing foreign ambassadors in the process, then admitting his wrongdoing but refusing to stand down, flicking […]
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