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+ScotNational Officially a dictatorship
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+ScotNational When I heard the liar in chief’s response to Ian Blackford’s
question , “ I don’t know who eats more cake”,it was anger and then when the tories erupted in laughter
it was shock at the realisation that such a nasty retort was found to be funny,
reveals the true nature and culture of the tories.
Is there truly anyone out there who can put their hand on their heart and vote for the tories?
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+Indyref2 So childish!
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This stroke has left me paralized down one side. It is still too early to say whether I will be left with a permanent disability but it is a very real possibility. What worries me most is that I live in a top floor tenement flat which is now totally unsuitable for my changed circumstances. I am doing this crowdfunder to raise money to put towards buying a wee cottage or a ground floor flat that...
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+FirstMinister The prime minister looking chuffed as he tells his public what he has been waiting four years to announce....
No deal.
Recovery and regrowth?
Aye right!
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+Indyref2 Disgusted by the BBC politicising Nicola Sturgeon’s daily briefing by interrupting her in mid sentence in order to hear from a tory . The corporation is meant to be unbiased and impartial. If you are looking to keep your licence paying viewers in Scotland bbc you are not doing yourself any favours by this .
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