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Stefan Hoggan-Radu blethers with comedian, TV presenter and YES activist, Hardeep Singh Kohli about #PartyGate, his wee dug Shuggy and of course Independence.
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+Indycar Thank you so much Davy for taking the time to do all the research you do on our behalf. We always think that your broadcast should be mandatory listening. Lang may your lum reek and we look forward to listening to you in 2022. Alastair and Eleanor
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This is from The Express this morning: The UK has entered recession after a 20.4 percent contraction between April and June. The UK's slump is Read the full article...
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I watched Johnson’s tawdry little video about the UK leaving the EU this morning: I had not the slightest inclination to do so last night. Read the full article...
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