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@Murchie Cheers mate, nice to be all on the same side regardless of my abilities:)It's all about the important vote on the important day:) :)
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@Murchie I doubt it, more likely to be my lack of social media skills. I'm an old email tosser :):):)
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@Murchie I posted a comment earlier but don't know where, "it went" :)
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@Murchie Lol no just my lack of communication skills on here, :)
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@Murchie Not quite understanding this site yet. I don't do Facebook or the like. Got things to say about independence, my hatred of everything Tory etc and that's just for starters %=
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@Murchie Just getting very angry, sorry,!!
26th MARCH!!! It's the end of May,!! Get a grip,,!!
Brave guy climbs balconies to save child. He was strictly speaking, not entitled to be in France but Macron showed his nations appreciation by giving the guy a medal, French Citizens hip and a job. Brillliant
Can you imagine what Herr May and her jackbooted Home Office would have done to the guy?!!
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