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Gordon Darge @Goberre
Architect, audiophile, musicholic, skier, petrol head and Scottish nationalist.
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In the midst of a pandemic and the prospect of No Deal Brexit the UK Government continues its path of self-harm and self-destruction – with a central place given to the UK internal market bill. Such is the normalisation of irresponsible uber-right-wing politics, aided by the long-term ratchet effect of Brexit, that this watershed bill […]
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The issue to be decided in our new constitutional referendum is not what Scotland will be like for future generations of the people who live here, but whether those future generations will be able to decide for themselves what kind of Scotland they want. Or whether those decisions will be made for them by a government they didn't elect in a parliament where they are effectively unrepresented.
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Having been privileged to serve as SNP National Treasurer, I’m aware of the duties that go with the post. Of course, it’s changed in some ways since then due to the scale of the party, the resources available and even technology. The days are long gone when Joan Knott, who has sadly since passed away, […]
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"Absolute power corrupts absolutely" Philip May, husband to former Prime Minister Theresa May, is to be knighted for his political service. Upon a recommendation from Boris Johnson, The Queen has signified her intention of conferring …
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