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On the eve of what may become a historical Scottish Parliamentary vote in favour of a new independence referendum, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon chose her party’s spring conference in Aberdeen to address the issues facing Scotland, as she sees them. Here we publish an abridged version of her speech. We all want the best for […]
The post Sturgeon: Scotland at crossroads with...
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With the greatest of reluctance, and only in the absence of anything even remotely more interesting, then, let’s have a few words on Scottish Labour’s latest solemn and sincere declaration of its full, total, complete and utter autonomy. Because while the media is reporting the development that UK Labour has decided to extend a few […]
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The subject of ruin

We haven’t seen this published anywhere else, so we may as well do it. We dropped a brief line to the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust a few days ago querying their award of a £50,000 grant to disgraced lying MP Alistair Carmichael, specifically in the context of the fact that their own website specifically excludes […]
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The Not-So-Great Dictator

We had a little Twitter run-in last night with former Scottish Labour deputy leader and current unemployed halfwit Anas Sarwar, when he reported us to Police Scotland for making a joke about bank holiday mail deliveries, “people in England” and “especially” Scottish ones – which of course includes this site’s own editor, that being the gag. […]
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The Living End

Something kept nagging at the back of our minds as we read today’s front-page lead story in Scotland On Sunday about a spat between finance secretary John Swinney and a number of Scottish councils. And then we remembered what it was. The row centred around Swinney’s plan to impose on councils a commitment to pay social […]
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