In the Yes camp we have all developed our own strategies on who and what to trust. We have developed those digital skills to get online and find things out. To follow that up by evaluating what we found.    Some folk simply trust folk delivering the 'right message', which is a bit worrying.

   For Yes to win we need to get better.

Better at dicovering, better at evaluating and better at sharing how to do that for yourself.

Transparency of methodology, building an academically supported case and encouragement of journeys of individual discovery must all play their part. 

    The clearer the picture, the more certain the Yes victory.

 101, for me, in any piece is choice of terminology.

For example the use of a pejorative term.

Often the term 'nationalist' is used.

However there are two facts: 1. It is the 'Scottish National Party', ie a party in Scotland that promotes our Nation.2. In Scotland we have the ideal of Civic Nationality, not some geographical accidental attachment but the recognition of the fact of choosing where you live. Neither of these facts support use of the term 'nationalist', a term that is most closely attached to the National Socialist Party ( Nazi).   Using this term is an attempt by the author to create a subliminally negative imprint on the target. This reduces the effectiveness of any message that the target tries to communicate.

   Overuse of it is begining to dilute the effectiveness of this tactic.

 More topically just look at reporting of the Labour Leadership.    A. The general tone of almost every media outlet put Smith as the favourite. Corbyn was always reported in a poor light.     B. The mantra now is that Corbyn can't win and we now face another decade or more of Conservative government.  C. Boundary changes favour the Conservatives. 

    The fact is that the pejorative reporting that attempted to lead the electorate was unsuccessful! Corbyn is supported, and supported well. And that will translate into a popular vote at the next election.  This running counter to the cometary. 

 B and C considered together suggest that Labour can't win in 2020, regardless of who leads them.   So why attack Corbyn as leader? And one elected by 62%of members? Remember they claimed that 52% in #Brexit was a decisive victory. Surely they must run out of superlatives by 62%!

 The truth is that the cosy future, from the meedya establishment viewpoint, can be disturbed. And Corbyn could do it.

It may take longer than 4 years to change opinion and build support.

    It certainly will be the case if it's got anything to do with the meedya.
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