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Tommy Sheppard gave a House of Commons speech on drugs reform, urging the Tories to update the Misuse of Drugs Act. He told MPs we are facing 'the biggest social policy catastrophe of our generation'.
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Commentary by Carolyn McCole For Teresa May, this must feel like the morning after a bad party. Going in with the expectation of making more friends, but losing them in the process. Misplacing her purse and with it the economic strategy she was counting on to deliver her home and dry. Praying her dignity is […]The post The after-party hangover and that terrible feeling of regret appeared...
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Something really quite strange happened yesterday. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was caught red-handed in the act of telling a bare-faced, unarguable lie in the middle of a general election campaign, and nobody cared. Reacting to the Crown Prosecution Service decision not to prosecute dozens of Tory MPs who’d broken the law in getting […]
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Don’t say we didn’t warn you about this. Because we’ve been telling you it was coming for half a decade. The Tories sent out a call, and they’ve had their response. Contributors to Tory Hoose included Tom Elliot (then leader of the Ulster Unionist Party), Alan Cochrane of the Daily Telegraph, Rob Murray of “Better […]
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