Disabled People's Question Time gives you the opportunity to hear direct from leading politicians from Scotland’s main political parties.
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+InclusionScot Q.1.West Coast Access to Most Basic of Mental Health Care. No Consistency of Consultants. I have to Repeat in every 1st Appointment, My History. I am 64yrs old. Leaves little time to discuss anything else. Then I don't see them again. Wait 6 months for another appointment. Repeat Same Process. Circles that go nowhere. Q2. I Have No Car. Red Cross or Patient Transport unable to help Often.
Must be a better way.
Q 3.
Why are
& 'Named Person'
Statements. Which Protect my Human Rights. Not Anywhere to be Seen. eg: out of date (flimsy papers found at back of a drawer somewhere.) Has to be Requested? & not even ticked as having on Admission. Yet posted me back Original, when I requested it.
I am certainly Not Alone in this Disgraceful Breach of 'That Which Should Protect Us'.
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