A Letter from The Corona Virus to Us All.
The Truth in This for Me Re-Enforces Another Powerful Reason That The Need for An Independent Scotland and Our Children's Future IS Absolutely Our Only Chance to Survive Into The Future. Food Security-Soil Security - Going Green is Paramount-Reset Values-Caring About Our Futures etc etc etc
WE NEED INDEPENDENCE, LIKE We Need Clean AIR to BREATH and FOOD to EAT and Clean WATER to LIVE and GROW. I Cannot Ignore This Any Longer. I Need to Change My Habits and Get a Grip On This. Or All I Am Doing Would Be Lip Service As All Around Me The Natural World Collapses and All My Efforts Would Mean Nothing. OK. OK, Let's Be Okay.
Saor Alba Gu Brath Dear Hearts XxxX youtu.be/VgS2kRnUakU
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