We now have some certainty about where we’re headed in terms of another referendum. The First Minister has announced that plans will be announced within the next six months, and the issue of independence and Scotland’s right to choose will be front and foremost during the next Holyrood elections. Voters will go to the polls […]
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+WeeGingerDug Thanks, I'm Glad though Fearful of these Crucial Times, I Place My Trust in Our FM Getting It Right. When the Ignorance of Others Baying for Action Now. Is Upsetting The More Mature of Us......... (Regardless of Age) That Have Known the Struggle to Even Get a Parliament and Set Us On the Road to Getting Thus Far to Becoming A Recognised Force for Independence. So Thank You for a Positive Response.
63 y and I Am Going to Be Alive When it Happens..... X Waited Long..... X
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