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Heather Saxton @Fruach2
63yr female. Determined We Gain Independence. March When I Can. Remote H/dean Isle and Phys Dis Limits. Made Glas 11/1/20 !!! Nec to Go X
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+WeeGingerDug I have to say, the way the British state and media goes about suppressing good news stories for Scotland is absolutely appalling. Its at its absolute worst in the last few weeks.

We can't even have TV shows airing that shows Scotland in a good way in case we dare to think good things about ourselves!
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We are proud to announce that on May 29th, together with our friends from +GermansForIndy, we will hold a virtual rally for Scottish Independence, with great speakers and musicians. Please join us in making this a great succes. Details will follow. #DissolveTheUnion #indyref2
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We are proud to announce that on May 29th, together with our friends from +GermansForIndy, we will hold a virtual rally for Scottish Independence, with great speakers and musicians. Please join us in making this a great succes. Details will follow. #DissolveTheUnion #indyref2
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Nuclear convoys regularly travel up and down Scotland's roads, posing a deadly threat to everyone they pass.
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 The UK Government has just announced that it intends to massively increase its nuclear weapons stockpile, walking away from its international obligations and adding to an already-catastrophic threat to humankind.To add further insult, this comes only two weeks after we marked Marshall Islands’ Day of Remembrance: mourning the deep damage done by nuclear weapons ‘testing’ to our fellow...
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Scottish Government responds to welcome the call to action from the Social Renewal Advisory Board Today the Scottish Government published its initial response to the Social Renewal Advisory Board’s Report “If not now, when?”. Welcoming the ‘ambitious and innovative’ calls to action set out in the Board’s report current Ministers have made clear, that depending… Continue Reading...
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Disabled People's Question Time gives you the opportunity to hear direct from leading politicians from Scotland’s main political parties.
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+InclusionScot Q.1.West Coast Access to Most Basic of Mental Health Care. No Consistency of Consultants. I have to Repeat in every 1st Appointment, My History. I am 64yrs old. Leaves little time to discuss anything else. Then I don't see them again. Wait 6 months for another appointment. Repeat Same Process. Circles that go nowhere. Q2. I Have No Car. Red Cross or Patient Transport unable to help Often.
Must be a better way.
Q 3.
Why are
& 'Named Person'
Statements. Which Protect my Human Rights. Not Anywhere to be Seen. eg: out of date (flimsy papers found at back of a drawer somewhere.) Has to be Requested? & not even ticked as having on Admission. Yet posted me back Original, when I requested it.
I am certainly Not Alone in this Disgraceful Breach of 'That Which Should Protect Us'.
Important : MEDIA NOT REPORTING THIS! Last Few Days in UK.
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Join us for the third event for urban community groups interested in, or already pursuing, ownership of land and buildings.
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I'd quite like to meet the focus group that insisted Westminster Civil Servants moving to Glasgow was a sure fire way of ending support for independence.

I owe them a beer.
A Letter from The Corona Virus to Us All.
The Truth in This for Me Re-Enforces Another Powerful Reason That The Need for An Independent Scotland and Our Children's Future IS Absolutely Our Only Chance to Survive Into The Future. Food Security-Soil Security - Going Green is Paramount-Reset Values-Caring About Our Futures etc etc etc
WE NEED INDEPENDENCE, LIKE We Need Clean AIR to BREATH and FOOD to EAT and Clean WATER to LIVE and GROW. I Cannot Ignore This Any Longer. I Need to Change My Habits and Get a Grip On This. Or All I Am Doing Would Be Lip Service As All Around Me The Natural World Collapses and All My Efforts Would Mean Nothing. OK. OK, Let's Be Okay.
Saor Alba Gu Brath Dear Hearts XxxX
Geez Jings Help ma Boab! We're Naw payin' that surely?!
Naughty Naughty Mr Johnson!
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Huts, a place beyond is not a book about sheds or building in wood (sorry!). It asks how Scots want to live. Indoors and in cities, except for occasional weekend day-trips or expensive weekends away - or with constant, lifelong access to the land and a different way of truly relaxing at next to no cost via wee,...
Silly Silly Man!
One of the Comments. Has Some 'Easy to Read' Information. Worth Sharing Around. I Found it Useful. Someone Could Maybe Make it. Easier to See. I Don't Know How To. Saor Alba Gu Brath, Dear Hearts X
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Currency is a topic often debated when considering Scottish independence. This article does not discuss what currency option would be best but instead considers the experience of other nations creating a new currency. Therefore, we answer the questions many undecided voters have: Would Scotland be able to create its own currency? How difficult would that […]The post How would an independent...
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UK internal market bill now enters committee stage in House of Lords.
Monday 26th Oct
Wednesday 28th Oct
Monday 2nd Nov
Wednesday 4th Nov.
Enters report stages in House of Lords
Monday 16th Nov
Wednesday 18th Nov
Monday 23th Nov.
The third read has yet to be scheduled. Still unclear at this time, if there will or not be a final vote in Westminster on the bill.
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