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Jenny Eeles @FlikeNoir
I created the resource site and researched/compiled the publication 'Treaty of Union Articles' (2019)
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The info on will always be free.

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I’d like to begin by welcoming our new Patrons and thanking long-time Patrons for the continuation of your support. I’ve, hopefully, earned such excellent support. Typing up your requests from the excellent ‘Gazetteer of Scotland‘ (1847) has fair kept me busy over the last couple of months. 174 articles later and I felt a break was needed – it’s not nearly so random and interesting if we spend our time on the one thing for ever, and the Gazetteer may very well have taken the rest of my lifetime to upload in its entirety...
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Review of ‘How Scotland Lost Her Parliament and what came of it’ by Charles Waddie, 1891, available now on the Random Scottish History website.
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Review of ‘How Scotland Lost Her Parliament and what came of it’ by Charles Waddie, 1891, available now on the Random Scottish History website.
Thd Orkney News have reviewed the wee book we just republished, Charles Waddie's 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) ☺️
'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891)

“If we do our duty we will be classed with the wise and good Scots of the past; but if we falter and fail to assert the rights of our country in this crisis, then our memory will be covered with eternal infamy.”
I've turned my transcript of Charles Waddie's 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) into pdfs and sent them to Ken at iScot Magazine, who's very kindly published them in a free format for people.

Read & share please. Time this suppressed wee publication saw some light 😉
That's all 10 chapters of Charles Waddie's 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament' (1891) uploaded. Just the Appendix notes to go. Nice compact informative wee chapters I feel everyone needs to read. It answers a lot of questions on many fronts.

Charles Waddie was an Edinburgh solicitor & Secretary of the Scottish Home Rule Association.

I think this publication is important. It was suppressed for a reason 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💜

These are a selection of his letters to the Edinburgh press compiled for a chapter of our 'Treaty of Union Articles' (2019)
Charles Waddie's 'How Scotland Lost Her Parliament and what came of it' (1891)

For all chapters uploaded regularly - this is already worth the read.

Laughing at how animated I am in this. A wee introduction to Random Scottish History and why I bother 😉😊
I did some newspaper research and I felt the information obtained was too important not to share. This led to the publication of 'Treaty of Union Articles' (2019). The articles are mainly penned by pro-Unionists who were compelled to address where they felt the union was failing Scotland. Unlike today's British nationalists, they were entirely patriotic to Scotland while trying to make the union a more fair and beneficial one. Unfortunately, as you'll read, we're still fighting the same fights with the Westminster government. Do we continue fighting for fairness or do we take our future upon ourselves?

For all chapters:

For an illustrated copy:

And for supplementary 'Scottish Review' articles quoted in the Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union chapter (& other SR articles in the process of being uploaded):
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