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I got one of those scamming emails the other day, telling me I’d won millions in a lottery that I’d never entered and to contact someone in Burkina Faso for the details on how to collect my non-existent winnings. It was sent by someone calling himself Mr Dingo Sofa, which is the best name ever. […]
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A terrible article in today’s Observer nevertheless helpfully provides the most utterly categorical refutation yet of the endlessly-repeated Unionist lie that Spain would veto an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU. The piece ran under the blatantly untrue headline “Spain drops plan to impose veto if Scotland tries to join EU” – it has NEVER […]
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Well that didn’t take long did it. The Spanish veto threats have been turned 180 degrees from what the Unionist politicians and their media supporters have been telling us for years, while those of us who were saying what was really going to happen were ignored and sidelined. This blog has been saying for years […]
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Actually, mighty King Leonidas is understating here. It’s 311%. Wings Over Scotland 2017 fundraiser total: £140,047. To be honest we’re not sure where to start, folks. This year’s funding appeal has smashed every record in the book. – £53,000 more than last year. – £23,000 more than the previous all-time best. – the first time […]
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Unionists were barely able to hide their excitement last month at the thought of some dead pensioners. This was former Labour MSP Dr Richard Simpson, for example: (Simpson later went on to embellish the claim by saying that it had in fact reversed.) The story was serious enough to be the Sunday Times Scotland front page […]
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It’s been a full weekend. We’ve had threats of war with Spain. We’ve had Theresa May’s government cutting benefits payments to bereaved families. Life expectancy in the UK is falling for the first time since the last world war. We’ve had the UK turn into the laughing stock of the world, as a report in […]
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