Gerry Hassan demands, following an editorial trend in much of Scotland’s supposedly pro-independence new media, that independence must be the answer to an as yet unknown question. This is not an episode of Jeopardy! The progress of a nation through time need answer no questions. It moves by its own accord, under the steam of its own initiative, following the complex calculus written out by the...
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+RPJblog Whilst I agree with a lot of this article, because my own thoughts on why we should be independente align very closely with the authors, I don't think that's the case for everyone. And a lot of people would want Independence because of the radical change it would bring. They don't want to keep things as they are, they want to improve things. It is this argument we have forgotten to put forward. And we need to do so to ensure we bring on board those who want independence for change itself.
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+RPJblog Quite a long piece going into areas of political philosophy that I feel unqualified to discuss however I do have an observation.

Corbyn has now categorically taken the Federal state option for Scotland off the agenda for a future Labour Government. This is significant because often the choice of the people when it comes to voting is down to a few big ticket items.

Many Labour, and also quite a few SNP supporters, don’t want independence, but home rule instead.

Where will these people now go, given that the only 2 parties capable of ruling at Westminster are opposed to home rule/federalism.

What will Gordon Brown say when Indy2 comes around?
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@DSBeckett I think an interesting thing a lot of these post-2014 commentators conveniently miss is that if it's social justice, or a radical vision of the future - the SNP are just as good (better) than Labour on this. But the argument coming from these columnists always seems to be "SNP have done well, but the only real route to take to get the change you want is with Labour" rather than saying to people "SNP have done well... imagine what they could do with ALL the power of a normal nation".

They can't compare Labour and the SNP without applying the caveat that one is severely restricted with powers they want but can't have. Voters need to be aware of that, as well as the points you picked up on there where Corbyn is not in the least bit interested in Federalism or giving Scotland the powers it wants.

So rather than saying the SNP are treading water, perhaps they've got to question why they aren't as radical as they'd like them to be. Is it because they're lazy and feeling too complacent, or is it (more likely) that they WAN'T change to happen, but are restricted in what they can do?

People demand the SNP focus on good governance of the country, to prove they can make a success of independence (such a stupid, stupid argument anyway. Who's to say they'd be in power in an indy Scotland??) then complain when they don't bang the independence drum loud enough. With come commentators, nothing the SNP do will make them happy.
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