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At the Queen's thanksgiving service in Edinburgh, the singer performed alongside a harpist.
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Welcome to Scotland at 7 Tonight’s programme starts at 7:00 PM on Thursday 20th May 2021   Scotland at 7 is a our nightly news and current affairs programme for Scotland. On tonight’s programme, Gordon Ross is joined by Sandra White to discuss today’s top Scottish and international news stories.   You can find the […]The post Scotland at 7 – 20/05/2021...
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JOANNA Cherry has appealed to Nicola Sturgeon to update the case for independence following the SNP’s victory at the Holyrood election.
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Amazing to think a generation has passed since then
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tories lose contiuency seat to SNP.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tory overall vote share falls.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 They fail to win any additional seats.

🇬🇧 BBC headline: "Conservative match best Scottish election result".

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Demo & candlight vigil for our democracy. #scotlandsrighttochoose
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London Labour at war with Leonard's Labour over Indy stance.

Mainstream media attacks Scots NHS for the umpteenth time this year.
PFI hospital safety checks couldnt create panic, so now cancelled op statistics are tried.

Swinney emphatically denies that Westminster can stop Scots voting on their future politically,...
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Ross McEwan, the outgoing chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, told a swnaky press dinner that his bank would leave an independent Scotland for London.

The reason he gave are the boldest imaginable statement of the power of the big financial houses in modern Britain.

He said that in the event of...
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Don't let Theresa May's tearful resignation distract you from the legacy of her time in office...
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Westminster Live - 14/05/2019

11.30am - Oral Questions: Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

12.30pm - Urgent Questions, Ministerial Statements (if any)

Ten Minute Rule Motion: Hares Preservation (George Eustice)

Until 7.00pm - Opposition Day:- Debates

- Prisons and probation

- Health and local public health cuts

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The UK Government could face legal action after reports of EU citizens being turned away from polling stations during yesterday’s European electionsReports emerge of hundreds of EU nationals being turned away from polling stationsElectoral Commission says that the short notice of the UK’s participation in the European elections left little time to publicise the necessary paperwork for EU...
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It’s great to see another huge #ClimateStrike heading toward the Scottish Parliament. Scotland needs a Green New Deal to transform our economy, cut emissions and create jobs! Thousand of young people are taking part across the country, demanding action on the climate emergency now! 💚🌍

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An Airbnb lobbyist met with a Conservative MSP accused of "sabotaging" regulation on short-term lettings, according to the lobbying register.
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Thanks to Scottish Skier for drawing my attention to a little-noticed detail from last weekend's full-scale Scottish poll from Panelbase: there is now a majority in favour of an early independence referendum.  On the rounded numbers, the split is 50% in favour, 50% against, but a close look at the unrounded numbers reveals the majority is just about there.Total in favour of an early...
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Scottish voting intentions for Westminster (Panelbase):SNP 38% (n/c) Labour 19% (-2) Conservatives 18% (-4) Liberal Democrats 10% (+4) Brexit Party 9% (+4) Greens 3% (+1) Change UK 2% (-1) UKIP 1% (-1)Panelbase have consistently reported a lower SNP share than other firms, so I would guess a new poll from YouGov or Survation might show the SNP in the low 40s.  But even if Panelbase are...
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Almost nine in ten Scottish voters now back a second referendum on independence. This rather startling news was brought to us at the weekend by an unlikely source, in the form of walking brain vacuum Annie Wells MSP. Wells was absolutely unequivocal that NO other vote this Thursday – not Labour, not Lib Dem, not Brexit Party – […]
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