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Michael Gove appears before the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee to answer questions on the controversial funding and the plans of the Levelling Up department.
The phrase ‘once in a generation’ was an off the cuff remark by Alex Salmond similar to the ‘Dead in a ditch’ remark by Boris Johnson the Tories don’t protest about that one though! The Belfast agreement clearly states in a legal document that a generation is a period of 7 years.
Theresa May asked the Scottish Government to shelf a Section 30 request until Brexit was done. Well that’s it done on the 31st. Boris Johnson said now is not the time. Alister Jack now says not in Nicola Sturgeon’s lifetime. Time for IndyRef2 - forget asking for Permission.
Scottish Labour face grassroots rebellion over indyref2 stance | The National
Labour MP Ian Murray likens indy debate to discussing English high street | The National
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