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Jamie @Bruski87
All about Hibs and indy. Now the Scottish Cup is in the bag, *surely* indy is just around the corner...
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@Bruski87 There's a Getting Started guide that might help: and a quick tour:

Anyone can join, but no Unionists have registered as yet. There are a few Unionist groups that I've added, just so it's easy to keep tabs on what is being said.
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@Murchie Nice one, it looks good. Still figuring stuff out but will definitely let folk know. Are unionists on it as well or is it all indy folk?
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@Murchie I'm not sure they have anyone who fits that criteria, unfortunately. The problem, which has been well documented, is that +scotTories will always be seen as more unionist for all the hardliners out there. Also, their left of centre policies are the same as the SNP's for the most part. They don't offer anything different. Of course, it doesn't help that their head office is in such a mess as well. 

On a side note, I like this platform. Is it new? I hadn't heard of it before. Can you update your profile photo etc? 
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@Bruski87 I think if they find themselves below Greens etc. you'll probably have the staunch Unionists of Scottish Labour left, digging in. It'll take a leadership election to shift the position of Labour up here. Someone in the party who stands up and says "you know what, independence isn't that bad. We're smart people, we can do this!"

Labour needs that. It needs to allow its members to define it's position, not for Labour to tell it's members.
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@Murchie Yep. I suspect +Scottishlabour will *never* learn. Their position is untenable. Ironically, the only way to save themselves from electoral collapse (if that's possible) is by becoming independent from UK Labour and becoming less antagonistic to independence.

But, with the same old unionist faces,  I can't see it happening any time soon. Maybe when they're below the Lib Dems/Greens/UKIP they'll change their ways?
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@Murchie Seems like it. Who'd have thought, eh? So, it turns out Scotrail, despite its problems, has the second best performance in the UK. And massive improvements on the way. 
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