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Getting a wee bit desperate here, voted SNP all my voting life, this will be my last chance, for independence, I am 70 this year, canna let an old man down, not for me, but my grand children. Saor Alba
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While normally the Unionist media deploys the ever-reliable sledgehammer in its tireless war against Scotland controlling its own affairs, it’s also occasionally capable of more subtlety, slipping in a sneaky stiletto of a lie in passing. Take this piece from today’s Mail On Sunday: The thing is, that’s not how currency reserves work. There isn’t […]
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It’s a well-known fact, of course, that 87% of all statistics are made up. But as this site regularly observes, if you’re the Scottish opposition and media there’s no need to invent fake ones when you can twist the real ones to present an image completely at odds with the reality. The Sunday Times today has […]
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