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I don’t know where to begin. I hope Kate Forbes has a look at this before given any of our money to the newspapers. The Herald tells us how many there have been of new cases, deaths and hospital admissions but doesn’t ever tell us what the trends are so that we can know how … Continue reading Herald graph hides SNP strategy working impressively: Should we be assisting or advising...
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Coincidentally on the same day that one of the UK’s nuclear submarines came close to sinking the Cairnryan to Belfast ferry, the First Minister had just written, in moving terms, to make clear Scotland’s rejection of nuclear weapons. Neither that day nor in the days that followed did BBC Scotland report this. They were busy […]
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Scottish Greens Co-Leader Patrick Harvie MSP has called on the Scottish Government to stop bailing out tax avoiders. Speaking at a virtual questions session this afternoon, Mr Harvie highlighted an announcement by the Welsh Government yesterday [1] that it won’t give bailout cash to firms based in tax havens and reiterated his call for the Scottish Government to adopt the same approach. ...
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Increasing the public stake in bus companies will help Scotland ease out of lockdown, the Scottish Greens have said.The call comes after First Group told Good Morning Scotland the company will find maintaining social distancing on routes “unsustainable” once lockdown is eased.Scottish Green transport spokesperson John Finnie said: “Scotland can only start to leave lockdown when it is safe...
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