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What is wrong with Britain? Let me list the ways. Mind you, if anyone embarked upon a serious and detailed accounting of the myriad ways in which the British state is a fundamental screw up, they’d still be listing them by the time that the Sun runs out of hydrogen and starts to consume helium […]
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I don’t usually do crowdfunding, having always preferred to sell books and rely on the donate button which is at the end of every blog article on this site – or at least at the end of every article I write myself. It wouldn’t be fair to attempt to raise donations on the back of […]
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Despite saying just a few weeks ago that she had no intention of calling a snap General Election, Theresa May has now done just that. Now is the time after all. The Brexit negotiations are being put on hold because we’re facing a snap General Election, which is not unrelated to the fact that the […]
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Back from London now, where I was doing a talk for the London branch of the SNP. The talk went really well, I met some lovely people, and Ginger – as you can see – was resolutely unimpressed by a famous London landmark. That’s a photie of the Shard, in case you were wondering. I […]
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£250,000 for community schemes to promote healthy food initiatives.
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Liam O’Hare on the wider impact of Celtic fans display of solidarity with the people of Palestine. On Wednesday evening Celtic hosted Manchester City in a frantic and pulsating Champions League tie. After a few years in the European doldrums, the game was evidence that the club were back mixing it with the best that […]
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