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Amazing photo! Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye
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This is what happens when you don't do basic research. I think there's going to have to come a point where if something is debunked as strongly as this, from multiple sources - with cold, hard facts - that you must apologise & remove the offending article. The media has to do it. So should political parties. 
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Making numbers dance

Without a doubt our new favourite Unionist website is this one: And it’s not just for the snazzy badges. The site’s core premise is that traditional last refuge of the truly desperate: the conceit that everyone who doesn’t vote for your opponents is tacitly voting for you. But we’re actually going to skate over that […]
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Toadies Of Toad Hall

Last night, MP Natalie McGarry made another heavily-qualified semi-apology to the popular abusive-tweeter enthusiast JK Rowling, because that’s how bullying works. (As far as we know McGarry has still refused Rowling’s demand that she make a sizeable donation to Rowling’s charity under threat of legal action.) One of George Orwell’s most-quoted lines is “Journalism is...
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The drained pool

It’s curious that as the Scotland Bill negotiations deadlock drags on, well past its original deadline of 12 February and speeding headlong towards the extended 23 February one with no sign of progress on the horizon, that nobody is remarking on one of the most striking facets of the new devolution proposals. Remember “pooling and […]
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