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According to our Unionist media, the big news of this week is not that Westminster is attempting the greatest power grab since Henry VIII changed England’s religion so that he could get his end away with Anne Boleyn after ransacking some monasteries. It’s not that Theresa May has been saying for months that she would […]
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There are dead cats with more bounce than this government. Are you feeling strong and stable? How are those broad shoulders of the United Kingdom working out for you, the ones that are now wearing an orange sash? Are you better together with the lodge? After spending the election campaign screaming that Jeremy Corbyn was […]
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Theresa May keeps telling us that this is the most important election in her career, sorry, her lifetime. And so it is, just not for the reasons she thinks it is. This election is important because it’s the election in which the Conservatives seek to lock the UK, and Scotland with it, into an extreme […]
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