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+ScotNational It's not really surprising. They'll be doing the same to independence supporters with any sort of platform, all over social media. Once the voice gets too loud, they'll shut them down.
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+ScotNational I don't even know why it's a question. The hint is in the name of the variant. I know viruses mutate to survive but I'm pretty sure it didn't manage to build a ship and bring itself to the UK.

The problem we now have in regards to Scottish independence, is the openness from the SNP claiming that the pandemic comes first. So why would those in control of the whole UK's borders, and firmly against Scottish independence for financial reasons, ever allow the pandemic to end?

By claiming that reaching the end of the Covid pandemic is more important than a Scottish independence referendum, we've done the work for them.
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+Indyref2 Douglas Ross has absolutely no idea what he's doing. He's literally the nodding dog from the Churchill adverts, being remote controlled from Westminster.
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