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POWER GRAB – The Threat to Scottish Democracy. 20 years after devolution and the creation its own Parliament, Scotland now faces its biggest challenge in the form of Brexit and a hard-right UK Tory Govt determined to centralise power. Former MP, MSP and Presiding Officer, George Reid, was involved in the 1979 devolution vote won […]
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Power Grab - A film by Phantom Power   Power Grab - The Threat To Scottish Democracy. An excellent film by the Phantom Power team. This time featuring Alan Bissett and George Reid. This summarises in great terms what the effects of the No vote in 2014 has given rise to. Looking at [...]The post Power Grab appeared first on Yes Cowal.
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"Get Your Filthy Hands Off Of Catalan Institutions" Gabriel Rufian abandons the Spanish Chamber in protest.
20/09/17 — at Congreso de los Diputados.
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