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BBC UK had some news for us. Covid infection levels are rising everywhere except in Scotland, where they are falling. Here are the comparative figures: The BBC Scotland website avoided the comparative data but has this fact for you: Reporting Scotland were certainly not inclined to any comparative news that you might think meant Sturgeon … Continue reading No Christmas cheer from...
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If voters choose independence in a referendum, Scotland will need a constitution. Elliot Bulmer argues here that there are advantages to creating and debating a new constitutional document before trying to navigate the choppy waters of becoming a separate nation. Scotland and a written constitution Despite being rejected in the 2014 referendum, Scottish independence has […]
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Report shows 60,000 Scots face poverty as result of UK cuts.
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Polling by YouGov found that Sturgeon was on +50 points. Johnson has dropped to -50 points after mismanaging the crisis, leaving 100 points difference between the two leaders.The post Boris just pulled the pin out appeared first on
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