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Spotted in the Duthie Park today. Well done whoever out the saltire up.
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Tweet of the day.
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BROXit Day 🐑 🔥 🐑 🔥 🐑 🔥 🐑 🔥 🐑 🔥
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Excellent.. On the Haudagin Roundabout. Aberdeen the noo..🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙
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Come to our Leave a Light on for Scotland event to show your support.

This Friday 10:30pm till 11:15pm, at the Robert the Bruce Statue, Marischal College.

Event page: "Friends of Scotland" group launched in Brussels by Scottish MEPs ahead of Brexit.
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Love this shot of all the different flags taken from the bridge - it's about dissolving a failed political union, we still want to be neighbours and friends
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A FORMER Labour cabinet minister has warned that the Union could be threatened if the UK Government fails to protect the role of the devolved administrations in Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland post-Brexit.
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NICOLA Sturgeon has told the UK Government it must honour its commitment to cover the policing costs for a major climate change summit being held in Glasgow this year.
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