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In the world of news reporting there is nothing like having your finger on the pulse, an ability to read a room, an almost sixth sense to be able to provide an audience of readers, viewers or listeners with the news they need to know in an incisive, well-constructed manner, dripping in clarity. Right on […]
As Dickens once never wrote ‘it was the worst of times, it was the completely bonkers and right aff its heid wae it of times’. Surely, if he’d been alive today the vast quantity of material available to Mr D in terms of producing tales from facts, righting the wrongs of an unjust society which […]
When it comes. When what shall be is fully formed. When the narrow-minded wailing, the bile and hatred and gnashing of teeth has subsided. When the forces that have subjugated, subsumed and subordinated us have been driven into insignificance.  When they are disarmed of their power, stripped of their magic ermine and patronage, at last […]
It’s like some sort of a 1970’s Lindsay Anderson weird farcical cinema this, along the lines of ‘Britannia Hospital’ or ‘A Clockwork Orange’, the UK in 2022. One huge unkempt dollop of incompetent, (sometimes criminally and dangerously so) buffoonery comes charging along Downing Street to a rousing reception from his band of self-entitled acolytes, wine […]
Nae contrition, nae aboot-turns, nae sense of self or consequence, in fact nae sense.   Now a few days further on and the likely future Prime Minister of the UK, replacing  the current period where there doesn’t seem to be one, (the soon-to-be-former incumbent spending his time ticking off a bucket list of expensive things he is […]
There can be no clearer evidence that the political paths which Scotland and England are treading are diverging further by the minute than the Tory travelling leadership circus. For weeks we’ve watched various candidates for the leadership of the Tory Party vying with each other in a race to the bottom of the couldn’t care […]
A generation hasn’t passed, says Tom Tugendhat, a completely unknown (in Scotland until about a fortnight ago) and uninspiring Westminster politician, who is vapidly telling us about how he will rule our country, not his. Another non-entity of the same ilk, Penny Mordaunt, answering Sunday politics interview questions about whether there were any circumstances that […]
And there you have it folks. The denial of your democratic will has taken yet another insulting and disrespectful turn. The government who currently govern our country from another country, from a political party which the people of Scotland haven’t voted for in any significant numbers for nearly 70 years, has contacted the Supreme Court […]
So, there you have it. The Tory party, who haven’t been in power in Scotland for almost 70 years, have started their leadership campaign and for only the umpteenth time the people of Scotland’s cumulative nose has been rubbed in the stinking pile of keich that is ‘Union by consent.’ I don’t know about you […]
i wrote this originally during the Brexit debacle. However we find ourselves again in the exact same situation. Scotland is ignored, the views of the people of Scotland disrespected and once more 150,000 Conservative members in another county will decide your future and choose a government which will impose its will on you, without your […]
They are peaking early, the wobbly pillars of the anti-independence cabal of Union. If it isn’t the having only one MP in Scotland, entirely un-self-aware New Labour Party, ensuring yesterday, hoisted by their own petard, that they will continue to be banished to the political wilderness in Scotland for the foreseeable future, it’s the Grand-Marshall […]
There is absolutely no truth in the rumour, that I’ve just started, that during their private meeting yesterday Elizabeth 1st of Scotland (2nd of England) was heard by a passing footman to say to the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, that she should ‘Just go for it Hen. I’ll back ye up this time. […]
I thought it was well worth waiting for masel’. In one leap the First Minister of Scotland rose at the back post and heedered the hordes of whinging Scottish Unionista into the bulging net of political obscurity, where, it has to be said, they feel most comfortable, it being their level. Upon hearing what the […]
A wee shame. He’s no’ taking part in a ‘pretend’ independence referendum. The living, breathing manifestation of the Hokey Cokey. His opinions are in, they are out, they are shaking it all about. He’s had more views on his Premier from another country than a room full of world leaders at a conference during a […]
Well. That’s it on. We’re back at the starting gate again. The same same, same old, same old, old groundless tropes are being wheeled out, lazily not even dusted down, and slung bitterly in the direction of anyone showing even the slightest bit of positive interest in Scotland being exactly the same as just about […]
The man could literally swill gin out of a clarty wellie boot in the Member’s Lobby of the House of Commons, challenge Ian Blackford tae a bare bellied fist fight, then drop his frilly union-flagged Y-fronts and take a dump in front of the statue of Churchill and get away with it. This he would […]
Oh my holy Mither of the God fella, Tarus Bulba and twa or three mair.  The biggest orgy of nationalism seen since Kim Jong-un last had his toenails cut descended intae farce yesterday when the big golden coach that goes with the golden hat that’s sale price could feed the many lining up at Foodbanks […]
Mother of God, Joe the toon Jyner and the wee donkey’s tail. Would all of that ceremonial Opening of Parliament nonsense no’ just gie ye the dry boak? There’s parents lying awake at night wae empty bellies wondering whether they should eat the next morning and spend aw day in the library tae keep warm again during school hours so that they can...
Right, so can we get on wae it noo?  The Cooncil elections are done. The Scottish public have once again given their endorsement, this time on a local government level, to political parties committed to unlocking the shackles of Union, increasing their numbers by 22 and 16 respectively. So can we now use this further […]
My goodness it doesn’t take much to remind anyone of an independent Scotland mind, paying any sort of attention to fairness, impartiality, accurate context and perspective of the farce that is the British state’s media’s reporting of Scottish affairs. We all recognise it, we are accustomed to its long-term deeply entrenched actual, deliberate and occasionally […]
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