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We are in the midst of actual genuine chaos, fabricated chaos and over-the -top hyped-up chaos, brought about by rabid negative propaganda by the unionist media and their wee pals in Holyrood and the Palace of Westminster, full of glee over the fractious SNP leadership race and the fractures and disruptions caused by the resignation […]
It was always gonnae happen. The Unionist -backing media were always going to seek out and try to destroy all of the leadership candidates for the race to become First Minister of Scotland.  Did anyone actually expect anything different? Humza cannae make a train run on time, or organise a surgery waiting list, wee Kate […]
So, there we have it. The long-term leader of the party of devolved limited-powers government in Scotland has chucked it, having withstood a barrage of suffocating twenty-four-seven criticism for years, getting the blame for just about everything bar German measles. A First Minister, clearly scunnered to the point of F**k this for a game of […]
Is it worth it, being tied tae this mob? For example, there’s what passes for a Prime Minister these days, who despite his massive in-law inherited wealth cannae find a pair of troosers tae wear that manage tae cover the distance between his shins and his ankles. This fella’s only discernible talent seems to be […]
Inntit great? We were to have the most powerful devolved Parliament in the world. ‘Call me David’ Cameron pleaded with us not to leave the Union and instead to take on the mantle of leading it. Somewhere down the line every Unionist MP involved in the sovereignty question over the last few years doused the […]
I think it was almost inevitable that yesterday’s Supreme Court interpretation of the Scotland Act would reveal that the people of Scotland have no legal means to have a say in the major decisions of government which impact their lives.  Although we already knew that. It is now official and unequivocal. There can be no […]
Far from ever being accused of praising the political leanings of Ruth ‘ermine’ Davidson I will however say this. I’m pretty sure that over the last few months of the absolute and unprecedented chaos that has engulfed the party of selfishness in the UK, that she is a member of, she would have had something […]
I’ve heard it said in the media and on social media many times. I heard it again yesterday from some pompous eejit with absolutely no understanding of Scotland or Wales, or anything really, apart from how to hoover up wealth off the backs of the misery of others from a large mansion-style house in Berkshire. […]
So, he’s loaded. His wife is the heiress tae mair wealth than the ‘firm’ known on street corners as ‘The Windsors’ made oot of skimming the bookies and the gin stalls at Royal Ascot.  He’s no’ sure if he has ever had a friend who could be described as working class, but he’s pretty sure […]
It’s almost like they are reporting on a subject that they feel should be kept secret. Free democratic will in Scotland. The BBC and their pals still can’t seem to come to terms with it, unable to recognise that politically, things have changed in Scotland. It’s been a long while since this changed and you’d […]
I detest the Tories and everything they stand for.
Well, are you? As if it isn’t bad enough that celestial beings, or perhaps even just good luck, haven’t protected us from the horrid new age extra-strong-heartless latest version of a Tory leader. As if it isn’t intolerable enough that we aren’t saved from her wild, manic-laughing sawdust-headed persona, her constantly flickering eye movements as […]
With a very loud screech and the distinct smell of burning rubber the Tory mini-budget from hell, which nearly sunk the economy like a stone, has, a week later, been flung into reverse with the sudden cancellation of the planned cut in the 45% tax rate. Chaos reigns. The village of Ecclefechan has now had […]
In the world of news reporting there is nothing like having your finger on the pulse, an ability to read a room, an almost sixth sense to be able to provide an audience of readers, viewers or listeners with the news they need to know in an incisive, well-constructed manner, dripping in clarity. Right on […]
As Dickens once never wrote ‘it was the worst of times, it was the completely bonkers and right aff its heid wae it of times’. Surely, if he’d been alive today the vast quantity of material available to Mr D in terms of producing tales from facts, righting the wrongs of an unjust society which […]
When it comes. When what shall be is fully formed. When the narrow-minded wailing, the bile and hatred and gnashing of teeth has subsided. When the forces that have subjugated, subsumed and subordinated us have been driven into insignificance.  When they are disarmed of their power, stripped of their magic ermine and patronage, at last […]
It’s like some sort of a 1970’s Lindsay Anderson weird farcical cinema this, along the lines of ‘Britannia Hospital’ or ‘A Clockwork Orange’, the UK in 2022. One huge unkempt dollop of incompetent, (sometimes criminally and dangerously so) buffoonery comes charging along Downing Street to a rousing reception from his band of self-entitled acolytes, wine […]
Nae contrition, nae aboot-turns, nae sense of self or consequence, in fact nae sense.   Now a few days further on and the likely future Prime Minister of the UK, replacing  the current period where there doesn’t seem to be one, (the soon-to-be-former incumbent spending his time ticking off a bucket list of expensive things he is […]
There can be no clearer evidence that the political paths which Scotland and England are treading are diverging further by the minute than the Tory travelling leadership circus. For weeks we’ve watched various candidates for the leadership of the Tory Party vying with each other in a race to the bottom of the couldn’t care […]
A generation hasn’t passed, says Tom Tugendhat, a completely unknown (in Scotland until about a fortnight ago) and uninspiring Westminster politician, who is vapidly telling us about how he will rule our country, not his. Another non-entity of the same ilk, Penny Mordaunt, answering Sunday politics interview questions about whether there were any circumstances that […]
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