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The farce continues. Having hidden away for a number of days to avoid the heat of his incompetence, arrogance and disregard for other human beings being sharply floodlit the Prime Minister of the UK, who rightly should be named Boris Johnson Denies, has returned to the fore. He’s sorry, he’s really sorry, he’s right sorry, […]
Like rats, scurrying around the deck of a particularly leaky and rusty HMS Brexit as hundreds of gallons of water come sweeping onboard in huge waves, that fine body of integrity-devoid skid marks that are the Tory Party are in chaos.   Self-serving greed hardwired into their mindsets they are picking sides,again, as the bumbling posh […]
I don’t know which one makes me gag on the dry boak the most, Tony Blair being awarded a knighthood, when in a fair and honest world he really he should be taking his breakfasts in the company of the likes of Radovan Karadzic, or the continued farcical protection of members of  the outdated hereditary […]
So now it seems that at the 10 Downing Street party that never happened Boris Johnson’s Press Chief Jack Doyle, who has been spinning the spin of the last week and a half about the party that never happened being the party that never happened, made a speech and handed out awards to some of the multitude […]
Now c’mon folks. Ultimately you may not have been convinced in 2014. No, in the face of those with a vested interest in maintaining the established order bombarding you with farcical scary stories about a future where those with the power in England no longer are able to tell you, the people of Scotland, what […]
The polls are swinging back our way again and the First Minister has set out some approximate target seasons, if not dates, for progression towards an independence referendum. This will be a referendum which the lumpen proponent of exceptionalism  and Peppa Pig fetishist, who laughingly passes for a UK Prime Minister, will have to challenge, […]
I looked in on the first episode last night of a new fly-on-the-wall type comedy series which I think may have been created by Richard Curtis of ‘Blackadder’ fame and Armando Iannucci, the creator of ‘Malcom Tucker,’ who seem to have teamed up to create a political farce called ‘ little Empire, running on empty.’ […]
It’s like Billy Smart’s circus this, without the smarts and thankfully without the poor caged up animals being let out to be whipped and frightened into jumping through fiery hoops. There’s a completely incompetent numpty wandering parts of the mainland UK making a total walloper of himself on every occasion, in very circumstance possible. If […]
It seems that in terms of diversionary tactics, aimed at sending the media and the public off in all sorts of wild directions, away from the actual significant news of yet more Tory trough-slurping sleaze, or Prime Ministerial farce and embarrassment whilst under worldwide scrutiny, I thought we must be at least reaching the bottom […]
It has started. The circus has come to town. Long in the preparation, short in the carbon footprint justification (surely in 2021 such an event, given its global importance, the global pandemic, and despite the technical challenges, could have been developed in such a way as to to be held remotely?) The hypocrisy is astonishing, […]
When I was a teenager, which wasn’t yesterday, (one of the many discarded as a Thatcher hidden statistic under the guise of the Manpower Services Commission’s mission to dig holes in public areas in the morning and fill them in again in the afternoon) my best pal, who had escaped by joining the forces, used […]
It’s an ill divided world right enough. We clearly are reaching the age of George Orwell’s frightening imagination, where nonsense and lies is heavily promoted and passed for fact, and real facts, well they just get ignored or minimised into being considered unimportant. With the eyes of the world about to be focussed on Glasgow […]
We just want our country back. The evidence is there that our forbears, by far the majority of them, didn’t want to join in a Union with England, as Defoe the spy, and propagandist testified, (fake news is not new) in his reports back to London,(before he wrote Robinson Crusoe, starred in the movie “Platoon“ […]
Whilst the shambolic bogus Winston Churchill figure catches a bit of late in the year sun in his pal’s luxury villa in Marbella (in part exchange for a seat in the Lords) indulging himself in the completion of a portrait of a chestnut pony from his painting by numbers set, real politicians, states-people, are getting […]
C’mon now, stop it. Everything is just fine. C’mon you people of Scotland, stop worrying about your country being governed by our neighbouring country to the south. It’s all ok, hunky dory in fact. They’ve got it all covered. Heading into the winter months the UK now has the highest rate of coronavirus cases in […]
Really? Are we still paying attention to these people? Are we still equating what comes out of their mouths with reality? Dear goodness, they are as monotonous as they are consistent, and as they are delusional. No, says Alister Jack, the current incumbent of the title of Viceroy of Joy (although by the cut of […]
No’ that I think it will actually happen (he surely cannae be that stupid) mind you, having said that, arrogance has no bounds.  But if it does, pass the popcorn round and get comfortable, for there will be a show worth watching, as Nicola Sturgeon does the verbal equivalent of taking off her shoe and […]
They really are wallowing in their Westminster majority, the party of British nationalism, for that is what they are. I would argue that if they want to continue to deliberately, and errantly, refer to the SNP as the Scottish ‘Nationalist’ Party in every forum available to them then our representatives both at Holyrood and Westminster […]
I thought today I might try and just tidy up (just in the interests of accuracy) a Hootsmon, or Not the Herald, or the state propaganda broadcaster, (or possibly all three) report I came across today describing the triumphant ascendancy to the Mount Manchester Central Convention Centre fringe event, held in a draughty corridor next […]
Do we really want our Scotland to continue to be subjected to the age old entrenchment that is establishment cronyism?  Are we content to continue to enable a controlling system which is overlaid across public life, and woven through designed to maintain control, managed, manipulated and driven by a neighbouring country as we move into […]
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