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Whilst the shambolic bogus Winston Churchill figure catches a bit of late in the year sun in his pal’s luxury villa in Marbella (in part exchange for a seat in the Lords) indulging himself in the completion of a portrait of a chestnut pony from his painting by numbers set, real politicians, states-people, are getting […]
C’mon now, stop it. Everything is just fine. C’mon you people of Scotland, stop worrying about your country being governed by our neighbouring country to the south. It’s all ok, hunky dory in fact. They’ve got it all covered. Heading into the winter months the UK now has the highest rate of coronavirus cases in […]
Really? Are we still paying attention to these people? Are we still equating what comes out of their mouths with reality? Dear goodness, they are as monotonous as they are consistent, and as they are delusional. No, says Alister Jack, the current incumbent of the title of Viceroy of Joy (although by the cut of […]
No’ that I think it will actually happen (he surely cannae be that stupid) mind you, having said that, arrogance has no bounds.  But if it does, pass the popcorn round and get comfortable, for there will be a show worth watching, as Nicola Sturgeon does the verbal equivalent of taking off her shoe and […]
They really are wallowing in their Westminster majority, the party of British nationalism, for that is what they are. I would argue that if they want to continue to deliberately, and errantly, refer to the SNP as the Scottish ‘Nationalist’ Party in every forum available to them then our representatives both at Holyrood and Westminster […]
I thought today I might try and just tidy up (just in the interests of accuracy) a Hootsmon, or Not the Herald, or the state propaganda broadcaster, (or possibly all three) report I came across today describing the triumphant ascendancy to the Mount Manchester Central Convention Centre fringe event, held in a draughty corridor next […]
Do we really want our Scotland to continue to be subjected to the age old entrenchment that is establishment cronyism?  Are we content to continue to enable a controlling system which is overlaid across public life, and woven through designed to maintain control, managed, manipulated and driven by a neighbouring country as we move into […]
With other pressing needs to occupy myself, in the real world, I haven’t put finger to keyboard for well over two weeks now on the subject which I, and many readers care passionately about, the return to self-government for our country, Scotland.  Did I miss anything? It seems, from a quick glance at the goings […]
The First Minister of Scotland’s keynote speech at her recent party conference was still in progress when the spokesperson mouthpieces of British nationalism breenged-in with their responses on behalf of the Conservative, Unionist and Nationalist Triumvirate, as we should really refer to them, (seeing as nobody really knows which one between Boris Pcaffufle Johnson, Mikey […]
Regular readers of this blog may know that I have absolutely nothing against the wee old lady in the golden hat who lives in various palaces around the countries of the UK, as a person. In fact as a person I actually quite admire her devotion to what she sees as duty, which I think […]
The announcement has been made, kinda. Covid-19 crisis permitting, an independence referendum will take place before the end of 2023. The preparations, halted when the virus struck, are to restart, work on the updated positive case for independence is to recommence. However, this upcoming ballot of the people of Scotland’s views on the future governance […]
He’s like a wee spoilt wean, is oor Murray Douglas of Ross. Independence, Independence, Independence, that’s all these daft Tory wannabees, desperate for the someone in the mothership back in London to noticed them, concern themselves with. The fella is obsessed. He floats about there, behind his Holyrood Chamber podium, on the away bench, moving […]
Aye, nae bother Boris Pcaffuffle Johnson, you make sure you get your priorities right neebs. Don’t you even straighten one tiny little unkempt hair, that sits awkwardly on that big dairy coo’s heid of yours, with worry. Naw, don’t stress yerself about anybody else coming doon wae the Covid-19, or the impact all of this […]
And there it is again, the accusation of being anti-English. During a response by the First Minister to a question in the Holyrood chamber yesterday about the continuing blight of anti-Scots of Irish decent racism in Scotland there was a wee snidey made from a sedentary positioned Tory made to the effect that the leader […]
There’s something heavily ironic about Murdo (never elected in his own right) Fraser’s ‘insightful’ comment on social media the other day, following the SNP and the Greens cementing their agreement to work together in the Scottish Parliament. (The Scottish Parliament of course having been created to run in such a manner that it is virtually […]
So there they were, the two heid-bummer oil molecules of the North Sea. Distinguished, known for their sleekitness, stealth, ruthlessness and cunning, seen as tide-wise (it takes a certain type of oil molecule to rise to the top of the billions upon billions of others) discussing the news that they had just received a message […]
They really are kicking the erse out of it noo. Just when you thought the political decision-making of the cumulative clown shoe circus act that is the British government under Boris Johnson couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre it reaches yet another low level of trolling and bonkersage. In the spirit of reward for blind […]
I’m fed up hearing about GERS, and I’m fed up writing about GERS.  It seems to come round quicker every year, like a Tim Burton-inspired Christmas where the tree burns down and ghoulish skellingtons (sic) steal yer new Xbox and puke in yer fireplace stocking. The pace at which this annual reminder of all things […]
Ah, the good old British elitist gravy train, or in this case soup train, continues to do its thing, performing its prime functions, to secure, reward and further enrich a small number of already wealthy individuals, and maintain,and continuously reinforce, long-established channels for draining the wealth created by the resources, assets and efforts of the […]
I’m hoping someday to be able to say that Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, as a leader, assisted in advancing the civic awakening of the people of Scotland, after the initial 2014 Referendum on the future governance of the country, to the extent where not only did a second referendum take place, but […]
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