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The Indy Pledge +theindypledge
The Pledge is an agreement of the movement’s core values, offering positive principles, promoting our shared beliefs and actions as a force for positive change.
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Greg McCarra and Hugh Stewart performing live from 11pm.
A great alternative media option for the bells.

“Join us at 11:00pm on Broadcasting Scotland for #HogmanayfromtheDungeon wi’ guid Scots songs tae welcome in the New Year. Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!”
Billy Kay - Scotland's European History
The “Indy Pledge” – The Yes Movement’s core principles

The YES movement is now gathering pace. As we move further towards independence we recognise that, with this power, comes great responsibility.
The “Indy Pledge’ is a voluntary code of conduct to which groups and individuals who support Scottish Independence are welcome to sign up.
This is an agreement of the YES movement’s...
Make your voice heard by signing the independence pledge.
It would be helpful to hear a little less from those who try to equate the Scottish independence movement with the Leave campaign and the current political meltdown over Brexit, writes Joyce McMillan.
Where are we fae? Where are we gaun? Whose joinin' us? Aw wecome Back in the days of Riddoch Questions we used to sit around post show and record our thoughts about the topics and podcast them as Aftermath.
Indy Pledge needs help from our Multilingual citizensThe Indy Pledge is a grassroots code of conduct for the YES movement, setting out a positive vision for a future independent Scotland and for our movement. It asks that people and groups sign up to this code as a way of committing to respectful, peaceful and non-discriminatory behaviour.We want all people to sign the Indy pledge and we want...
CommonSpace columnist Siobhan Tolland unveils the The Indy Pledge and encourages all Yes groups and individuals to sign up to the movement's values. CommonSpace columnist Siobhan Tolland unveils the Indy Pledge and encourages all Yes groups and individuals to sign up to the movement's...
“The media has always tended to hold the independence movement to a higher standard of behaviour than others because the media has tended to be hostile. That is why it is so important that we do what we can to provide as few easy targets by holding ourselves to very high standards of behaviour. Robust debate is essential to democracy, but so is courtesy and respect. That is overwhelmingly...
Q: Where do I sign? The Pledge is open for consultation for all YES groups so no-one is being asked to sign just yet. Once we are all agreed your own YES group officers will sign on behalf of your group. You will by virtue of your group membership be a signatory to The Indy Pledge.We'll just add that we did consult the National Yes Registry IndyApp developers about this as the app was...
MONDAY 26TH MARCH 2018 is the official launch of the Indy Pledge. Thanks to all who responded to our consultation.Please use the following link to sign up to the Indy Pledge. the background to the Indy Pledge here. This pledge was, in principle, agreed at the Local Groups Conference, in Dunblane. It was agreed that this would be done with Yes Kelty taking the...
Since launching, the Indy Pledge has had amazing feedback. Activists from all over Scotland have shared the pledge online and signed up to show agreement with the core principles. We have been mentioned in the National newspaper as well as online and we featured in articles by Bella Caledonia and CommonSpace and promoted by prominent ‘Yessers’… Read More »
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