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Elena was born in Scotland and then grow up in Canada. She has been active in Scottish Politics as a depute leader of a Council. This film was made on the eve of her bid to become a member of the Scottish Parliament
Malcolm was a campainger for Scottish Independence. A great man.
Interview with John Swinney in Perth September 2019
Jamie Juancey well known popular novelist speaks of why Scotland needs to come out of the Union
Jamie Jauncey is a very successful writer. He speaks openly and passionately about Scotland and the necessity to be free of the Union.
Dr. Philippa Whitford MP In conversation about her roles in the Westminster Parliament, the Tory Government plan to break International Law. The BBC cancel the First Ministers Covid Briefings. The Covid Pandemic and how do we move into the future.
All you need to know about a new currency for Independent Scotland
W G Saraband is from Portugal, he now lives in Scotland and supports an Independent Scotland in the European Union.
UN Report on Poverty, Amnesty International, Austerity, Priti Patel, Radio Active waste, Chagos Islands......
Independence, Holyrood Elections and a plan of action with contributions from Michael Russell, Nicola Sturgeon, Keith Brown, Patricia Gibson and Philippa Whitford
Interviews with Michael Russell and Catriona MacDonald in Edinburgh
Michael Russell is Cabinate Secretary for Government and Constitutional Relations in the Scottish Government. He gave a talk in Edinburgh and SPVR Interviewed him and Catriona MacDonald after the talk.
The UK Government Post Brexit immigration regulations.
Lords get more a day than UC get a month. £15000 holiday for Johnson....
The Lords get a raise in pay - Universal Credit folk get less a month than they get in a day - Boris Johnson has a Holiday £15000 !
The debate about UK fishing has a huge effect upon Scotland
Pete Wishart MP Interview in Perth September 2019
A select group of Scottish Independence Supporters in Dumfries 01 February 2020 the day after Scotland was removed from the EU without the consent of it's people.
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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