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Melissa Iacone +meljomur
An immigrant who's thankful she lives in an SNP led Scotland.
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I am wide awake and thinking about the most extraordinary time in Scotland’s recent history. The 2014 Independence Referendum. This isn’t a blog about any one leader or faction. This is just about my personal experience. (I realise I probably should have written this a few days ago on the anniversary, but oh well). In […]
It is just after 2am. I can’t sleep, but I have been thinking A LOT about hope, and what it means. Hope is the vaccine we are being given. Hoping that an invisible virus will go away. I have been watching loads of really strange apocalyptic type films/tv programmes lately. Stuff I would never have […]
I have refrained from writing about this whole debacle. For many reasons. One, I don’t believe it was ever my place. Two, my knowledge of the entire situation was always fairly limited. But then I decided I wouldn’t actually write about the case per se, we have all heard enough about it from all sides. […]
I am not Scottish. I am not British. Yes, I have lived here for a long time, but I will always be an American. Why does that matter? Because I believe it allows me to see things here in the UK through a much different lens. Yesterday, the UK Parliament voted through the Brexit Deal […]
What if life does change fundamentally for all of us? Change can be scary, yes. But it is also full of numerous possibilities. Perhaps it’s time we did modify the way we live. I don’t believe the world will ever be the same after this pandemic, maybe it’s time we looked at that as an […]
I don’t have a newspaper column to assert my views every week. So I need to make due with my wee blog here. Today’s topic is Scottish independence. Should we wait? Should we push through now? What are the options? And how does the reality of Brexit impact on Scotland’s future? So much to contemplate. […]
My piece on the Scottish cringe (which I originally penned in April, but seemed to only generate discussion last month) certainly struck a chord. Regardless of how you identified with my blog, it certainly instigated debate. That’s always a positive, in my book. So here’s my follow up piece. I was pondering how to structure […]
Ok. I bet that got your attention there. Hyperbolic? A year ago, perhaps. Today, I believe it’s an appropriate description of our government in the Westminster Parliament. In the last few weeks we the people of the UK have been told that we should prepare for the possibility of a no deal Brexit. What does […]
I am an old pro to marches. My first march was when I was just a teenager, back at university. We were marching for equality of race and religion. It wasn’t for a specific vote, just a large group of like minded people supporting a cause we all fervently believed in. Yes, I have attended many […]
Admittedly I am not super knowledgeable about Welsh politics. I know Wales has a devolved parliament like Scotland, but my understanding is they don’t even have as many powers as the Scottish Parliament does. That seems strange, but then nothing about the makeup or operation of the British government as a whole surprises me any […]
Remember the song Russians by Sting. Today I was reminded of these lyrics. ‘I hope the Russians love their children too.’ Brexit is going to be terrible for all of us, but it’s going to be even worse for the younger generations. Our children and grandchildren. You see they just won’t have the same opportunities […]
My son Ethan spent his spring break with his Dad. Two weeks he was away. It’s the longest period of time I have ever spent apart from my boy. I won’t lie, I enjoyed it. Sure I missed him, but until you understand the constant stress of being a single parent of an autistic child, […]
I can’t promise I will be terribly good at this, but I recently wrote a paper (for my psychology course) on reverse psychology, or trying to think like your opponent. So I decided to attempt it regarding, Scotland, and unionism. If this seems a step too far avert your eyes now. Or just close my […]
I’m relatively new to the whole rugby fandom. I have watched 6 Nations games over the years with just a passing interest. But over the last 2 years I’ve become much more interested in the game. To the point where I now revolve my schedule around watching important Scotland matches. Yesterday was one such match. […]
Social media is fantastic in many ways. It’s also a great vehicle for bullying and attacking folk who truly did nothing wrong. Okay, for those who don’t live in the Scottish Twitter bubble, let me fill you in. Last week a YES group held a meeting. On a cold night, midweek in late November, you […]
I suffer from depression. I have on and off for many years. That’s not to say I live in a perpetual state of doom and gloom, because I have had many years where I feel fine, great even. But now isn’t one of them. This blog isn’t about why the black dog or ugly beast […]
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