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What’s in a Name? by Sara Salyers   Not much, we might have thought but apparently, we were wrong. It seems a name is enough for no less a person than Dorothy Bain, the Lord Advocate of Scotland to state as a certain fact, that the Treaty of Union saw the extinction of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England and […]The post What’s in a name? appeared first on iScot Magazine.
Apologies everyone we are behind on the usual timescales but there is a reason.   As you might be aware Ken, our iScot editor, has been dealt a few health knocks recently. He had a mild heart attack in the autumn and then, as luck would have it, he has been recently diagnosed with inoperable slow-growing cancer. This is having […]The post Independence, above Party, Politicians and...
We need your support. Having reviewed our progress and achievements to date, and evaluating actions that need to be put in place to secure our future, we’re reminded of the risks of having such a small production team. We need to address this now as this is a real barrier to growth, and we are entering into IndyRef2 territory soon – it’ll be all hands on deck.
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Press Release ALEX ARTHUR, the Commonwealth Gold Medallist and former WBO Champion of the World will make a sensational switch from the arena of boxing to enter the ring as an Alba Party Candidate for the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections. Days after the launch of Alba, and following a number of political defections, the party has started to unveil what […]The post WORLD BOXING CHAMPION...
Below is a public statement from Alex Salmond   – Wednesday, 24th March 2021   “This is my third and final public statement on the subject of the parliamentary and Hamilton investigations and the Dunlop Review. The Inquiries are over and despite their manifest limitations, the findings are in and must be accepted, just like the verdicts of juries and […]The post “INQUIRY...
NEW INDY MEMBER ORGANISATION GETS DOWN TO WORK, EXPECTS TO BE FULLY OPERATIONAL IN NEW YEAR The new mass membership organisation for supporters of Scottish independence has begun detailed preparations for a full public launch in early 2021. The 15-person interim National Committee is meeting (virtually) twice a week, supported by a growing number of technical committees staffed by volunteers […]...
  Former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson is lined up for a peerage and the reactions are as predictable as dropping a fist-sized chunk of magnesium in a sink of water (©my high school Chemistry supply teacher). “Reward for what?” is the standard printable response and one that underlines one of the two fundamental problems people have with the House […]The post Opinion...
He never spoke about it… There’s usually a trigger for iScot stories, though it’s not always obvious at the time. Back in November last year, I read something that made me search online for a Channel 4 documentary, Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes, that tells the story of the 51st (Highland) Division who were left behind in France after the Dunkirk […]The post ‘Leslie Wilson, the...
These suggestions have been prepared for general use and especially for the vulnerable in society such as those with heart/lung disorders, the elderly (over 60s) and immune-suppressed, for example, those on chemotherapy. Check your neighbours, particularly the elderly and/or vulnerable. Minimise exposure by avoiding public transport, public gatherings and groups of people (e.g. in pubs,...
Candles mean different things to different folk; women like smelly ones, or those in fancy colours with sparkles, glitter and wee mysterious speckles on the surface. Some of us light candles in churches, perhaps particularly abroad on holidays or pilgrimage, in special or hallowed places when we take time to remember those who have gone before us. And though candles […]The post The Big Light...
We here at +iScotNews are working hard to be a lamp for others, and our light is only as strong as the fuel we are able to feed it.

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