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The European Movement in Scotland is the foremost and longest-established pro-EU, pro-Europe, non-party political campaigning organisation in Scotland.
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The European Movement in Scotland is delighted to welcome its new Honorary Presidents: Michael Russell and John Purvis.… Read More »
'The centrepiece of the Scottish government’s communications with EU and global actors since the 2016 referendum – that Scotland did not support Brexit – is no longer relevant.' Anthony Salamone on the way forward… Read More »
"Brexit led us to a world where leave-voting ministers couldn’t be sacked, where lying became commonplace, where ministers repeatedly insulted our European neighbours and where a charlatan..was able to become Prime Minister and inflict catastrophic damage on our politics."… Read More »
Brendan Donnelly argues in this new Federal Trust video that the economic and political problems generated by Brexit are of little concern to its leading sponsors. Their primary interest lies in rupturing the British connection to the European mainland as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The result is a debasement of British political life, in which sleaze and cronyism have become all too...
"And from a Scottish viewpoint, if this is how the UK Government squares up to 450 million people and the world’s biggest trading bloc, just imagine the belligerence that will be shown to 5 million people who might try and express their own opinion."… Read More »
"The EU should make every effort to reassure countries in the global south that the green transition will not leave them behind."… Read More »
Kirsty Hughes: "There may well be more sound and fury in the EU-UK talks yet to come. But the hope has to be that just as Johnson backed down in his no deal threats twice in the last two years, he will also back down from a trade war, the huge political row that would accompany that and the further destabilisation of Northern Ireland and the peace process. If not, the future looks bleak...
We have received an urgent request from the3million's Young Europeans Network to support two campaigns which they are currently running.… Read More »
The EU and Poland plus Hungary are on collision course over the rule of law, EU v national courts and disbursement of recovery funds: a useful explainer is here… Read More »
Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has been chosen to present this year’s prestigious Constance Council Prize, awarded for European Encounters and Exchanges (Dialogue). The Constance Council’s board of trustees selected… Read More »
"The EU has the opportunity to pave the way for the establishment of a stronger, better and value-based Europe in which its institutions and citizens are linked together."… Read More »
About this event
​The Northern Ireland Protocol, a key but highly contentious element of the UK-EU post-Brexit deal, has caused enormous friction between Brussels, Dublin, Belfast and London.

It threatens to undo the peace settlement on the island of Ireland. It jeopardises the entire nexus of UK-EU relations. Can...
"A declaratory system could have avoided all this (hassle/pain). Maybe the rules could at least be changed for children?" writes Larissa Slaney… Read More »
His Twitter thread went viral. Now our executive committee member Richard Haviland adds a greater European twist here...… Read More »
"For me the question now is: how do we all move on from this? How can we, Brits and EU citizens in the UK, build bridges and trust again?"… Read More »
'Johnson’s protocol is set to poison relations between the UK, Ireland and the European Union for years to come and his name will forever be linked to it. Frost’s own long bad dream is only just beginning.… Read More »
Jenny Gilruth MSP (SNP), Mid-Fife and Glenrothes, and Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development is the guest speaker at Fife4Europe’s monthly meeting.

Topics include various post Brexit issues, including progress on physical proof of Settled Status, the Government’s efforts on Erasmus+, the...
The Saltire Scholarship scheme has been designed to help ease the negative impact of Brexit on student numbers. … Read More »
Our colleagues at European Movement International give this snapshot of EU media opinion on the Brexit-induced crises afflicting the UK: This week’s headlines focus on the shortage of truck drivers in… Read More »
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