Welcome to Scotland at 7 Scotland at 7 starts at 7:00 PM on Friday 26th March 2021   Scotland at 7 is a our nightly news and current affairs programme for Scotland. On tonight’s programme, Gordon Ross will be joined by Julie Coombe and Siobhan Tolland to discuss the day’s top news stories.   You […]The post Scotland at 7 – 26/03/2021 appeared first on...
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+broadcastscot Listened untill the program went to the alex salmond alba segment ..totally fizzing listening to the laughing hyena . Quote ..I know he was pronounced innocent ..but
It is late at night when i write this still pissed..if this is ment to be a Scottish news program I'm afraid it misses by a long chalk . Take your time and listen to your output .sadly I'm done like when Gordon left the isp this program does not do as it says on the tin . More an snp propaganda unit than scottish independence news i fear . I'm sure there are many like myself sickened by your bias output today .
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