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This blog will be totally pro-Independence for Scotland and I hope to comment on all the topical issues of the day using a bit of humour and controversy wherever I can.
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I have been running the Yours for Scotland blog pretty much full time for three years with very few days off. I have felt for a while now I need to take a break and recharge my batteries. It’s not easy to do. I am involved in so much of what is happening across ScotlandContinue reading "ITS TIME FOR A HOLIDAY!"
HEALTHY DEMOGRAPHICS By  Sally Hughes Scotland’s National Health Service was created in 1946, at the same time as the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  They are all separate entities, fully funded by the taxpayers in the host nation. They came into being on the back of 2 World Wars, and a Flu Epidemic, thatContinue reading "HEALTHY DEMOGRAPHICS"
This article first appeared on on the 22nd March 2023. I was going to write an article along similar lines but Robin’s article is very good and I have got a bag to pack for my holidays which start tomorrow! I thought this article was just right to mark Nicola Sturgeon’s last day asContinue reading "PARANOIA AND VANITY:THE STURGEON YEARS"
An excellent commentary from regular contributor Breeks. For as long as I can remember, I have known that Scotland was sovereign, but it was a notion to hold on to. I now have a much firmer grasp that it isn’t merely a notion, but something real and terrestial. Something, a principle, which the Union EstablishmentContinue reading "BREEKS ARGUES SALVO IS THE WAY AHEAD."
What follows is a programme put together by TRT World the Turkish Public Service Broadcaster about the SNP LEADERSHIP RACE. It will be shown all over the World it’s a bit like the BBC WORLD SERVICE and as the presenter explained to me at the beginning of the programme, the introduction at the beginning withContinue reading "SCOTLAND’S CHOICE"
In Right of the Crown? Sara Salyers In 2022, while ‘the nation(s) mourned’ the death of Queen Elizabeth, officially anyway, Scotland had another reason for mourning. Along with the mortal remains of Elizabeth Windsor, the dazzling but entirely English royal pageant, representing an ancient but entirely English, constitutional...
A statement from Ewan Kennedy on the need for full disclosure on the Salmond plot. Ewan is a retired lawyer who lives in Argyll and is a frequent correspondent on Yours for Scotland. Three years ago this week there ended a show trial of the sort we used to rightly deride when we saw itContinue reading "FULL DISCLOSURE IS NEEDED."
You thought it could not get worse? It just did! The SNP today is a pale shadow of the SNP after the 2015 General Election. Then a United Party and Yes Movement enjoyed all the momentum and a determined electorate anxious to sort out the disappointment of the 2014 Referendum. The result was 56 outContinue reading "You thought it could not get worse? It just did!"
SUBMISSION TO NET ZERO, ENERGY & TRANSPORT COMMITTEE From Professor Alf Baird, 20th March 2023 SYNOPSIS OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE ‘CATAMARANS FOR INTER-ISLAND NAVIGATION’ SEMINAR Held at Strathclyde University, 12 May 2022 The presentation summarized Dr. Ballantyne’s design and evolution of catamaran ferries since the 1980s to today. This included the development and testing...
An excellent production from Lukewarm Dave sets the scene for more, much more to follow. MY COMMENTS It’s great to see this being produced. This is how to deal with injustice. Don’t let it go, be persistent, never forget. This is how you get justice and provide the evidence that corrupt behaviour never pays inContinue reading "SPECIAL REPORT"
TAC TENT By Sally Hughes Like a great many folk in Scotland just now, the recent drama’s surrounding Nicola Sturgeon, her husband Peter, and the Leadership Contest for First Minister, have caught my attention, like the worst soap opera ever. If I may however, I’d like to wind the clock back a week or so,Continue reading "TAC TENT"
More evidence of the warnings issued by this blog over an extended period of time including warning that it would all come crashing down as it did this week. People wonder why all these elected SNP MP’s and MSP’s say nothing about the Stonewall takeover of the SNP? Why they went along with the obviouslyContinue reading "WHY THE SNP MP’s AND MSP’s ARE SILENT!"
This is another excellent contribution from Peter Young of IndyScot News who writes with such obvious concern about Scotland. He clearly thinks we should learn from both Ireland and Denmark. I agree. Enjoy! Letter from Denmark: The Dubliner “Hey, it’s Gus here, you called?” The voice is unmistakably Scottish. “Aye, we’re showing the game by theContinue reading "Letter from Denmark:...
A guest post by Xaracen, who is a regular reader and occasional contributor to this site. He is a retired IT engineer and Manager. . Decisions made by England’s MPs cannot be considered UK decisions unless and until Scotland’s MPs agree them, and Westminster has no business pretending otherwise. Because the Union is a binaryContinue reading "Much of UK law may be fraudulent"
A excellent discussion between Sara Salyers and fellow Salvo member Leah Gunn Barrett discussing some of the key lies Westminster spins and how they impact on Scotland. Well worth a watch. MY COMMENT I think this format is very effective and educational, much easier to appreciate and enjoy than listening to a lecture. I am,Continue reading "THE SEVEN LIES"
What follows is the reply received from the International Court of Justice in reply to Steve Norris’s letter seeking guidance on how Scotland could seek a judgement from the Court. Initially the reply might seem negative but take the time to read the explanation Sara Salyers of Salvo/ Liberation has added which confirms that theContinue reading "HERE IS THE REPLY TO STEVE’S LETTER TO THE ICJ...
A rerun of a previous article from 2021 which is just one of a series of warnings I have been making over recent years of how the SNP Leadership are running roughshod over all the democratic traditions of Scotland. I reprint it again today as it becomes blatantly obvious that the presence of Peter MurrellContinue reading "NO TO STALIN’S SCOTLAND."
This is the letter Steve Norris sent to the International Court of Justice seeking information on how Scotland could challenge the ruling from the Supreme Court in England. Tomorrow I will publish the response he received from the ICJ. I am a senior Scottish journalist investigating possible legal and political steps open to Scotland following the NovemberContinue reading "Steven Norris...
I have reproduced this from the National. He has been a personal friend and colleague for many decades. He is a man of the utmost decency, honesty and worth. I, and I hope you will be interested in how he determined his vote in this election. HAVING just cast my vote to elect the seventhContinue reading "Roger Mullin Speaks Out."
A guest post from Gordon Millar. HUMZA’S REMARKABLY UNENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORTERS From the first minute of Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation speech, her departure and the election of her successor have been covered by a cloak of dishonesty. For example, while people certainly do resign because of burn out, they don’t normally do it via a midweek emergencyContinue reading "HUMZA’S...
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