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This blog will be totally pro-Independence for Scotland and I hope to comment on all the topical issues of the day using a bit of humour and controversy wherever I can.
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Earlier this year, the Kelsian Group (formerly Sealink) signed a contract with ferry design group Sea Transport for 2 new 60m ropax cat ferries for Kangaroo Island in South Australia Interestingly,40 years ago, Sea Transport’s Stuart Ballantyne did a feasibility study of a new ferry to KI. As a result of this study,  Sealink’s firstContinue reading "A GOOD FERRY SERVICE CAN TRANSFORM...
Realising they are now on the receiving end of widespread criticism AIM, the Woke nursery branch up in Aberdeen have come up with a great new idea. Close down anyone or any outlet that dares to contest their bizarre outpourings. The above article highlights the latest moves to declare as fake news anyone who takesContinue reading "THOUGHT POLICE OVERLOAD"
I would not dare to be presumptuous about having any part in it, but way back in 2012-14, on Wings and Newsnet, I remember banging on and on about sovereignty, and how much it mattered. I was often ridiculed by many, frequently schooled by Robert Peffers, and learned a lot from him, but somehow, theContinue reading "BREEKS SPEAKS FOR MANY OF US."
Put simply this is one of the best and most important articles I have read on the subject of Scottish sovereignty. It is a long read but it is written in the most readable and understandable form . It contains dynamite information. A truly great read! This debate on this blog is going to provideContinue reading "MIA DEALS WITH THE SOVEREIGNTY DEBATE."
Decolonising the Claim of Right  A Response Sara Salyers I am grateful to this author for the thoughtful, intelligent and careful argument he sets out. It is important to test any theory, political or legal, particularly when it is your own position, so I welcome the opportunity to do so. The errors in the argument – and...
THE CHALLENGE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED Last week I challenged opponents of Independence to set out their argument why the Claim of Right 1689 was not the game changer many in Scotland believe it is. I offered anyone the opportunity to have their article published setting out the reasons they held this view. I have doneContinue reading "THE CHALLENGE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. A CHAMPION FOR THE UNION HAS...
An open letter to Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth   Mayday, Mayday, Mayday This is the MV Community of Harris We have been repeatedly hit by an out- of- control ferry service We are sinking fast and need immediate assistance. Over Dear Ms Gilruth, A Mayday call is the most urgent one there can be inContinue reading "MAYDAY, MAYDAY!"
ALMOST OUT OF TIME, AND ALL OUT OF EXCUSES by Sally Hughes This is a call to arms (peaceful), a call to conscience, and a call to decency.  And it must be now. Most of all, it is a call to Scotland. I’m looking at the corrupt, ugly entrails of what is left of theContinue reading "ALMOST OUT OF TIME"
A guest post by regular Breeks. “You just gave up”. I don’t know if that’s designed to be wilfully inflammatory, but be aware it’s putting you in the same bracket of delusion as Pete Wishart.  If anybody has “given up”, it’s the SNP who’ve been content to sit on their laurels these past eight years,Continue reading "ITS THE SNP THAT GAVE UP!"
It’s always good when people with specific local knowledge respond to an article. The following comes from Willie Hutchison who was a member of the SNP in Graeme’s constituency in Dumbarton when HQ effectively sidelined Graeme and his local office bearer’s and took over their selection procedure. Removing branch and constituency secretaries, as well asContinue reading "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED...
A guest article from Joan Hutchison. In response to Graeme, I left the SNP after being an activist for many years and a national committee member. The National Secretary refused to allow my committee to meet on account of it containing a majority of reformers.  Douglas Chapman himself resigned as Treasurer, I am advised, becauseContinue reading "REJOIN THE SNP..LET ME THINK!"
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WE NEED A MUCH TOUGHER LINE WITH THE MEDIA. We need to be realistic about the media. They are our enemy. The BBC for instance has a job to do. It has to deliver for the Union. We should be continually calling them out for doing so. We should describe them as being blatantly antiContinue reading "WE NEED TO GET TOUGH ON THE MEDIA."
Last week Graeme McCormick, a SNP NEC member posted a criticism of one of Mia’s articles on the basis that it did not respect the First Minister. What follows is Mia’s response. “not helped by disrespect for the FM” With all due respect to you, Graeme. My comment above does not contain “disrespect” for theContinue reading "MIA DISCUSSES RESPECT FOR NICOLA"
“the Scottish court system is part of a wider UK court system” Would any England PM have ever contemplated to take a draft of the bill to legislate for the EU referendum to the European Court of Justice to double check if it was okay for the UK parliament to pass it? Absolutely not. AndContinue reading "MIA RISES TO THE CHALLENGE"
The latest contribution from regular columnist Mia. `I am in agreement with Marion. It is not a matter of us having to prove anything to Westminster. At the end of the day if we are trying to assert popular sovereignty and we are demanding to move away from the artificial and English only convention ofContinue reading "THE NEXT STEPS"
A guest contribution from regular Breeks. “It’s very clear that Sara Salyers has done an enormous amount and has got this subject nailed.” I agree 100% Daisy, and I also echo what Iain said earlier, thank you deeply for all you’re doing Sara. I think there’s a point where robust and rigorous scrutiny (which isContinue reading "THE DEBATE CONTINUES..WE WILL WIN!"
Regular columnist Mia answers a few questions “You have not established that the Convention of Estates was a “higher” authority than Parliament” Does she have to?  Let’s see: What is the Claim of Right 1689 in layman terms?A document that removes the crown from the head of one monarch and puts it on the headContinue reading "CONSIDER THIS."
This is another excellent comment from the Yours for Scotland comment section that deserves promotion to a main page feature. This comes from regular contributor Breeks. WEBF, I don’t know the circumstances either, but I suspect it was the very decency and integrity of Alex Salmond which made him predictable, and thus vulnerable that heinousContinue reading "Well where will you...
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