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This blog will be totally pro-Independence for Scotland and I hope to comment on all the topical issues of the day using a bit of humour and controversy wherever I can.
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A guest article from Mike Fenwick. Any fears over the State Pension are unfounded! State pensions … instead of saying we paid in – so the UK should pay out, we need a different perspective – follow the money! Simple maths drawn from GERS show the truth.  Do you think that your State Pension isContinue reading "Any fears over the State Pension are unfounded!"
A 40 minute podcast highlighting key issues of our case. Beat the Censors Regretfully there are some among us who seek to censor what others read. Sadly within the YES movement there are sites which claim to be pro Indy but exist to only promote one Party and will not publish articles which come fromContinue reading "SALVO,SOVEREIGNTY AND LIBERATION"
On Burns Night this post is reproduced from January 2022 to remind readers of an oft used tactic of the Union to devalue all things Scottish, a slur that seeks to divide. Burns is often a target, more recently the Claim of Right 1689, as it grows in political importance is now getting the sameContinue reading "THEY JUST CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES."
BURNS AND THE WORKING MAN. Burns Night is on the 25th January and across the World people will meet up to celebrate his life and his enormous contribution to the worlds of literacy and music. There will be superlatives aplenty but I want to write about one aspect of his work that still brings greatContinue reading "BURNS AND THE WORKING MAN."
A guest post from Dave Llewellyn. Two years ago Mike Fenwick and I had a show on Independence live called TwaAuld Heids. One of our more memorable guests was a farmer from Perthshire called Jim Fairlie . Jim, came out with the (left field at the time ) suggestion that the Scottish parliament, instead ofContinue reading "WHAT ABOUT THE REST?"
This is a guest article written by a Civil Engineer who is known to me but who must remain anonymous for employment reasons. Above is a picture of one of the walls of a building in Balloch. Just one picture of one wall out of many other similar walls, one would think they were lookingContinue reading "STANDARDS ARE APPALLING!"
For immediate release: Thursday 19 January 2023 LEVELLING UP – ALBA REACTION “THIS IS NOT LEVELLING UP, ITS SHORING UP THE TORIES AND THE UNION” – MACASKILL “STICKING PLASTER WILL NOT COVER THE GAPING WOUND OF BREXIT” – HANVEY ALBA Westminster Leader Neale Hanvey MP and ALBA Depute Leader Kenny MacAskill MP have responded to the announcement today...
Is Monday 16th January an unexpectedly red letter day in the battle for Scottish independence? What chance for principled politics for Scotland so early in the new year? Alex Salmond gave his all in leading the campaign for his country’s independence in 2014 but considered his duty to resign when his efforts came to naught.Continue reading "AN OPEN LETTER TO THE SNP"
A guest article from one of my favourite correspondents Breeks. Further to some ongoing discussion, partly on Wings, there are clearly differing opinions about whether a Plebiscite General Election would be deemed a success if it secured 30 Westminster seats, or, as others insist with some passion, whether a 50%+1 share of the vote wouldContinue reading "HERE IS AN INTERESTING TACTIC"
This is a presentation by Dr Alf Baird to the SNP Branch in Orkney. While he is discussing the Orkney Ferries the comparisons he uses are equally true for other ferry routes in Scotland. It is produced on YFS with the kind permission of Dr Baird and Mike Robertson from the SNP Branch in Orkney.Continue reading "A Presentation on Ferry options."
Bishops urge Scottish Government to reject “Conversion Therapy” report. Monday 16 January 2023 Responding to the publication of the Scottish Government’s ‘expert’ advisory group on “Ending Conversion Practices”, Scotland’s Catholic Bishops have issued the following statement: The Church is pastorally sensitive to the experience of people who identify as homosexual. They are to be...
Another great article from Peter Young of IndyScot News in Denmark. Enjoy! Letter from Denmark: National Consciousness There are two ways to see the Danish parliament. The first is a standard 45-minute guided walk about. The second is the longer ‘Kunstomvisning’, or art tour. I suggested to my wife that she give up her sacred Saturday morningContinue reading "Letter from Denmark:...
SEEN IT ALL BEFORE..THE CIRCLE OF POLITICS! Seems to me politics in the UK AND SCOTLAND are on a forty year circle of life OR DEATH. As I look around today I am reminded of the late seventies/ early eighties. Inflation is on the rise, strikes are very common and the cost of living isContinue reading "SEEN IT ALL BEFORE..THE CIRCLE OF POLITICS!"
I can respond, but I fear it’s forlorn in the sense there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. There is a structural difference to the way English divine sovereignty is a top down distribution of power, whereas in Scotland, the pyramidal hierarchy is reversed; power begins with the many and isContinue reading "BREEKS SEES HOPE!"
The Union is Over Thank You Justices “In truth it’s not for Glory or riches, or honours that we are fighting, but for freedom, for that alone, that no honest man gives up but with life itself’ – Declaration of Arbroath 1320 Reproduction of this article is permitted Paper written by lain-Smith: Kerr. 26th DecemberContinue reading "The Union is Over Thank You Justices"
THIS poem comes from well known Indy Supporter Dr Alf Baird. I had no idea this talented man had poetic skills as well until he sent me this earlier this week. Doun Hauden By Alf Baird Bourdieu telt us, oor cultur’s the ki We lairn oor cultur as bairns, on grannies knee Anely tae forfautContinue reading "Doun Hauden Poem."
Another interesting article from regular columnist Ewan Kennedy from Argyll. Some reflections on the year just gone. My older friends already know that from quite an early age I’ve held a strong belief in the non-existence of a god. The seed may have been planted by those students who emerged from the MacBrayne Hall oneContinue reading "Some reflections on the year just gone."
An article from regular contributor Breeks to Yours for Scotland forms the first post of 2023. I don’t want to add fuel to the argument. It’s just not productive. Personally it’s been a long haul rabbiting on about Scottish Sovereignty since what feels like forever, including being schooled by Robert Peffers on Wings, who taughtContinue reading "BREEKS KICKS OFF 2023"
Another excellent article from my regular contributor Peter Young in Denmark. “You wouldn’t recognise Duke Street now,” my sister says, “it’s all bric-a-brac stores.” Lizzie is the only one of the litter who has remained close to our roots. Today, she lives just across from my primary school at the top of Armadale Street. Her daily shopping tripsContinue reading "The...
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