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We are a group of young people from a number of parties in support of Scottish Independence and campaign for it too. NOTE: We are Unofficial.
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Stephen Dailey, a unionist journalist for the Daily Mail, has attempted to smear SNP MPs whilst making himself a false martyr.

If you wish to be a journalist, this is NOT how you do it.

When you thought that comparing the SNP to neo-Nazis was a meme of the past, all it takes is a shady journalist to cry wolf and create a story which never happened. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Stephen...
This is Fraser, he's a member of Scottish Labour.

He's also gone from voting No to now supporting independence :)

Mexico vs Scotland

After having beaten the flags of Morocco, Maldives, Albania, Eswatini, Malta, Wales and Costa Rica here's in the final is the flag of MEXICO: a 4:7 flag adopted in 1968; green symbolizes hope, white refers to the bonds between Mexican people and Europe, red represents the blood of the national heroes, the colours altogether represent the national army, in the centre the...
Open letter to Boris Johnson from the lot of us. Like this post if we can add your name to the list of signatures. Feel free to share.
You will often hear that it's important for an independent Scotland to lower the deficit and use tax to spend on public services.

But what if we looked at economics in a different way? Cameron Archibald puts forward the case for Modern Monetary Theory. When you turn the deficit argument on its head it will leave opponents frazzled.

(This is a long read, but certainly worth your time.)
31 years ago, Donald Dewar led 50 Scottish Labour MPs out of the House of Commons in belief that the British Government were not acting in the interests of the people of Scotland in terms of the devolution of more powers to Scotland. (Credit: @S_Politics)

Today, Ian Blackford, leader of the Scottish National Party Westminster group was wrongly expelled from the House by the speaker of the House,...
Fantastic stall today in Stirling, advocating for the public to vote for progressive parties and stand against the backwards thinking of the Conservatives! It's incredibly important that young voters between the age of 18-26 vote, since they have the potential to swing this election and kick the Tories out of 10 Downing Street.

If you know any young folk, encourage them to vote by...
Meet Jill Stephenson, described by the Times newspaper as “one of the most compelling voices in support of the Union” and is also a member of the anti-independence organisation "Scotland in Union”.

Jill Stephenson has been criticised for her extreme views on her homophobic, racist and ableist characterisation of nationalists. She's called SNP MP Mhairi Black a "slut". She's called silent...




Progressive Alliance:
"How can any sane human being with a heart actually vote for Ruth Davidson and the Conservatives since their introduction to the Rape Clause?

To make women recount their sexual abuse through an eight-page document, then give it to DWP employees in order to prove that their abuse is worthy of government welfare is sickeningly vile and only creates more trauma.

And what is Ruth Davidson's...
Cameron Archibald responds to one unionist writer at Backbench, debunking old unionist myths and explaining how a real liberal democracy works. #ScotRef Marc Wilson is a person I have much respect for. For those who do not know, he is an ex-member of the Scottish Labour Party (who at one point
Our researcher and blogger Cameron Archibald will be there, pop by if you want to ask him some questions! #ScotRef If you know the answer, pop down to our stall today in Stirling town centre between 11am and 2pm 🤗
Michael Sheridan from the Scottish Labour party has been called out for his online abuse, using misogynistic terminology and crude jokes about suicide from his account.

Michael Sheridan also fails to understand how the process of legislation works at the Scottish Parliament, with Cameron Archibald setting him straight. When we consider the slow death of Scottish Labour, many of us will look...
It's not every day a political journalist and commentator, David Torrance, is taught a lesson from an economics student. The result? Too much for Torrance to handle... This early evening me and political commentator/ journalist David Torrance got into a wee discussion about GERS and debated if the figures were accurate or not. Now for many of you who’ve read my earlier work, you’ll know I’ve...
Three images, one story.

This is how Kezia Dugdale and the Blairites are destroying the Labour Party.
NEW: Economics Around Scottish Independence. Thorough, reliable, great sources, analytical. Please read and RT!
NEW: Economics around Scottish Independence.

Thorough, useful, analytical, reliable and statistical. #ScotRef The most fascinating aspect for me around the debate of Scottish independence is, hands down, economics. No matter what side you’re on, it’s a debate which has many twists and turns, figures flying in all directions are sources which are dissected like a frog in an 80s science class....
Sign, like and share! The actions of the UK government after the Brexit vote do not align with the people of Scotland. We are not bigoted. We are not racist. We welcome everybody based on their contribution, not on where they come from. The UK government does not behave in this way and so we must LEAVE.
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