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Yes West Lothian +YesWestLothian
Based around the towns and villages of West Lothian, still campaigning for self determination
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Yes West Lothian invites you to join us and the Wee Yes Pipe Band in Edinburgh on Saturday for the AUOB March for Independence.

Meeting arrangements for Yes West Lothian and Wee YES Pipe Band for Edinburgh march.

Meet at 11.30 at car park entrance, castle terrace and junction with Johnston Terrace. The band will meet at 11.30 sharp then move up into Johnston Terrace around 11.45 to try and get...
It’s just over a year away…time to get going… #ScottishIndependence

Better together in 2014…poorer together in 2022…

Dear @ScotTories@scotlibdems & if someone could pass this message on to those delicate flowers @ScottishLabour…who blocked us 😁…you promised us we’d be prosperous in the union. Just the opposite has happened. So it’s time for us to choose again. #ScottishIndependence

When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see...
Time to stop the ripoff…time for Independence…
Let’s just remind ourselves who has cut cut cut…it’s Westminster. Independence fixes the damage… #ScottishIndependence
GERS day…your annual reminder of how poor Westminster is for Scotland…and how independence gives us the powers to make better choices…#ScottishIndependence
It’s quite simple… #ScottishIndependence makes the choices ours…
YES West Lothian Streetstall...pretty positive but still work to do. Independence is the way... 😁

In an hour folks…hope to see you there 😁
No one…no one…should be facing the choice of heating and eating…never mind paying the ultimate price for someone’s profit. No one. Never mind folk living in an energy rich country like ours. Time to control our own resources. #ScottishIndependence
Hopefully no COVID outbreaks will scupper this one…😁.

YES West Lothian STREETSTALL, Saturday 20th August, 11am-1pm, 1Old Bank of Scotland Building, Almondvale Centre, Livingston. EH54 6NB.

The kids go back to school…we get back to campaigning. All welcome.
Liz Truss…we don’t need your anti-democratic dishonesty. Scotland can do better than that…than you and the whole Westminster system that’s holding us back and making many Scot’s lives miserable. #ScottishIndependence
As energy companies profiteer whilst the majority struggle with immoral and unnecessary price rises…a wee reminder…that it’s not us that’s benefitted from the North Sea…

#WhyNotScotland #ScottishIndependence
Only independence gives us the powers we need…
A wee reminder…we don’t have the powers of an independent nation…until we do…
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As @NicolaSturgeon sets out the democratic case for Indy, we’d like to highlight the democratic deficit for all the devolved nations not just Scotland. In 2022 this is an unacceptable state of affairs…there’s no case against Independence…for anyone


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