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There is a shocking amount of misinformation concerning Scottish Independence. This site will attempt to debunk the worst examples.
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Another Tory vanity project that has no economic benefit to Scotland in any way, but the Scottish taxpayer will still have to pay 8.5% of the total bill which is estimated to be around 120 Billion and is well over 2 years...
John Maclean Commemoration..
**Tues, 19 Oct 2021 - News Review by David McGuinness **

**The destruction of our HUMAN RIGHTS by the UK Government - The Justice Secretary, Dominic Rabb's plan to diminish the influence of the European Court of Human Rights by devising a “mechanism” to allow the UK Government to introduce ad hoc legislation to “correct” court judgments that ministers believe are “incorrect”.**

18 Oct 2021 - This week Priti Patel's #AntiRefugeeBill is back in Parliament. Clause 38 of the Bill seeks to amend the 1971 Immigration Act. This amendment would make it illegal for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to save lives at sea!
With the threat of a life sentence for anyone breaking the law!
"Our mission is to save every one. Our lifesavers are compelled to help those in need...
For any who may not know James O'brien , he Is one of the very few decent honest journalists left , he works for L.B.C and holds a daily radio show , mostly holding this desgustingctory government to Account !
you can find him on you tube , he is very direct, honest and says things exactly how they are .
well worth having a look ,
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