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Being independent - that's one great thing we can do to make Scotland fairer, greener and more successful.
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The UK proposal to change Westminster constituency boundaries not only chops up and scraps the Moray seat but this analysis from the House of Commons Library shows the proposed cuts will reduce Scottish representation and voting power at Westminster to its lowest level in the modern era - leaving Scotland with a smaller proportion of MPs than any point since at least 1918.
Alaraming front page from Financial Times.

The brinksmanship of the UK & it’s failure to adhere to treaty obligations threatens a trade war with the EU coupled with
Kwasi Kwarteng MP pinning his hopes on a mild winter.

Scotland can do better than this shambles. Join us on our journey to independence
🟪 The cut in the number of Scottish MPs has taken Scottish representation at Westminster down to its lowest level for more than 100 years, according to research by the House of Commons library.

⬇️ Here are just some of the questions thrown up by the Boundary Commission proposals.

Anger is spreading at plans unveiled yesterday to radically change Westminster Scottish constituency borders...
Netflix paid just £4m in UK corporation tax on £1.15bn from British subscribers


British workers are facing..

🔴 The highest peacetime tax rate’

🔴 A massive hike in their #energybills

🔴 The biggest ever cut to welfare!

🔴 The #CostOfLivingCrisis

🔴 More #austerity

#ToryBritain 🇬🇧🤨
#ToryCorruption 🤡💰💰💰
#EnoughIsEnough ⬅️...
Ross’s assimilation into a Boris bot complete 🤥🤥🤥
🔍 Jonathan Powell says it’s “impossible” for Tories to keep Scotland in the UK if a majority support independence.

📣 “People can’t be governed against their will.”

🌹 He was Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff, 1997-2007, and Britain’s Chief Negotiator for the Belfast Agreement.
Westminster’s continued attack on Scotlands democracy.

Today's front page 🗞️

Plans to redraw Westminster constituencies could leave Scotland with 'lowest levels of representation for a century'
What hashtag should we use?
Theirs a lot and maybe it’s time we pick one 🤷‍♂️
Maybe they don’t won’t Scotland to be represented their 🤷‍♂️ 😜

🟧 Only independence can protect and enhance Scottish democracy.

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Get dark money out of UK politics

The Pandora Papers show how the tax industry uses ‘special purpose vehicles’ to avoid stamp duty – despite repeated legislation to prevent this
Wonder why Brexiteers thought everything was going to be rosie 🤔
😶‍🌫️"The company’s UK director, Dr Charlotte Lee, said demand on services continued to rise and Scotland’s focus on expanding care through digital means was “innovative”.

“By increasing the options for evidenced-based mental health help at the point of need, Scotland is the only country to truly exploit the potential for digital therapeutics”, she said.

“We are proud to...
"In comparison, England will see an increase of 10 MPs, while Wales will lose eight, if the changes are implemented." 🤔

The proposals could see Glasgow and the north of Scotland lose out on seats.
Westminster is plotting to cut the number of Scottish MPs – sparking fresh calls for independence

PLANS to slash the number of Scottish and Welsh MPs have been published, demonstrating the need for "full control of our own democratic…
Today's front page 🗞️

Westminster plans to cut the number of Scottish MPs and give more to England
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