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Yes Stewartry +YesStewartry
Yes Stewartry is the co-ordinating group for 'Yes Scotland' campaign in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright.
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We're looking for your views on the development of a new Gaelic Language Plan as required through the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005. Please take a few minutes to read our draft new strategy and provide your feedback via the short online survey -
ANDREW Neil’s words have come back to haunt him after a Scottish artist printed the veteran broadcaster’s disparaging comments about the…
THE Scottish Greens are to restate their commitment for an independent Scotland joining the European Union in its manifesto for next month’s…
THE Scotland Office sought to deny public access for more than two years to files from 1997 on the devolution referendum – on the grounds they…
Scotland and northern Ireland not part of the 'UK' anymore, according to
They are queuing up to get away from Westminster.
💻🐱My set-up this morning for filming a panel discussion on our routes and approaches to Independence.

I'm 100% committed to moving straight to an independence referendum after we win an SNP majority at next year's Holyrood election. And I'm the right candidate to ensure the issues and opportunities Galloway & West Dumfries face features strongly in that campaign.

Ballots are still...
Here in Galloway & West Dumfries we have 4 very different candidates, all looking to stand in Holyrood 2021. I firmly believe with the hard work and support of our fantastic local activists any one of our candidates standing could win this seat – each one of us is fully committed and ready to take on the challenge of winning this critical seat but who that will be is down to YOU!!

The local...
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