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Yes Speyside +YesSpeyside
A Yes campaign forum for Independence covering Dufftown, Rothes, Aberlour, Tomintoul , Craigellachie and surrounding communities
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Did you see?

Some of you may have had the immense misfortune to witness Michael Gove’s, eh, let’s call it a “performance” on the BBC Breakfast news on Wednesday morning. Readers of a cer…
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There's going to be an absolute bombardment of political noise over the next month in order to distract local election voters from the political reality that Tory austerity dogma is the reason local governments all over the country are on the verge of insolvency despite having slashed services back below the bare minimum, the mass closure of public...
👁️ Scotland is the only country in the UK to provide free universal NHS funded eye tests - compared to £21.31 in England and Wales.

🗳 On Thursday 5th May, vote SNP.

🚨 The UK government imposed a hard Brexit on Scotland - and now they're short-changing our communities.

🔎 Replacement EU funding offered by the UK government means Scotland will receive less funding than before Brexit - losing out on £151 million.
Images of lorries backed up for 23 miles at Dover over the last few days have made news bulletins all over Europe, with drivers forced to stay in their cabs without access to toilets or meals. Many Scots were among those stuck in the chaos - because Dover is currently the main route for freight betw
25 of them support democracy, Anas Sarwar doesn't, that's the difference.
Too true

"FOR all the EU’s frustrations, it makes production easier, paperwork simpler and competition stronger – and hence prices cheaper. Let’s…
Read carefully

THE number of people in Scotland registered to vote by post has increased by 38 since December 2020, according to statistics published by National…
Union of equals in action
Bikers and Arbroath
Check meter reading photo it and note time.

Scotland gets shafted from midnight because we are still chained to England...
Many Scots are angry that as electricity standing charges increase they are having to pay more than most English consumers. At the same time, Scottish green energy producers are also being asked to pay much more than English power companies to connect to the grid. Scotland is therefore effective

This Saturday I'll be holding a supermarket surgery at ASDA in Elgin.

If you've got an issue you'd like to raise with me, please do feel free to pop in for a chat. Or if you're in for your shopping do come over and say hello.

Here's all you need to know:

📍 ASDA Elgin, Edgar Road, Elgin
📅 Saturday 2nd April
⏰ 11am to 1pm
Introducing independence candidate

I am proud that I have been selected to stand as the SNP candidate for the Speyside Glenlivet Ward at the Moray Council Elections 2022.
Scot Govt planning within the powers they have at present -better than doing nothing

The SNP Government has published a new retail strategy to support retail businesses across North Ayrshire and Scotland. Getting the Right Change: A Retail Strategy for Scotland outlines how the SNP Government, business leaders and trade unions can work together to unlock opportunities to grow busine...
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