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A Yes campaign forum for Independence covering Dufftown, Rothes, Aberlour, Tomintoul , Craigellachie and surrounding communities
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Ginger Dug

Brexit, It’s going soooo well isn’t it. The whole of the UK is basking in the sunlit uplands of empty supermarket shelves, fuel shortages, rising prices, a Northern Irish trade war whic…
Top 19 claims debunked
Does make you wonder. Question here for Scottish leadership

The Labour Party in Scotland may dismiss the independence debate as an irrelevance but the party in Wales has set up a Constitutional Commission which will consider independence as one of a range of possible futures for the country. Labour's leader in Scotland Anas Sarwar spent the May Holyrood e
BBC Bias

IN the late 1970s I ran a film and video project in the Western Isles called Cinema Sgire. On our mobile cinema circuit we showed not quite the…
With a lot of positive hard work we should NOT need seats in this place for much longer,

The UK proposal to change Westminster constituency boundaries not only chops up and scraps the Moray seat but this analysis from the House of Commons Library shows the proposed cuts will reduce Scottish representation and voting power at Westminster to its lowest level in the modern era - leaving Scotland...
Got a job for these!

About 2,000 people will stay on two vessels berthed in the River Clyde during the climate change summit.
Malta's bus service will become free of charge for all residents from October 1 next year, in a move to encourage better use of public transport and reduce congestion on the roads. Finance Minister Clyde Caruana said the measure will apply to all residents and holders of the Tallinja card,...
Keep local

Everyone, from private individuals to businesses and organisations are invited to help shape a local food strategy for Scotland. This consultation is the first stage in a strategy to make high quality food accessible to all and promote the benefits of local food.
A good Scottish education

A NOBEL Prize-winning scientist has said his success would not have happened if he was not Scottish as growing up in the country had helped him…
🏥 The SNP Government has just announced the biggest NHS winter boost in the history of devolution.

🧑🏼‍⚕️ 1,000 additional health and care support staff
🏠 Maximising capacity of care at home services
💷 Pay rise for social care staff
🩺 £28 million extra funding for primary care
They're after WM but we're still attached

Sunlit uplands are just getting better and better

“Watch this all the way through it's a hoot. (if you're Irish don't, because you will end up shouting at the screen)”
Rich, so we are. Well we would be if we got our hands on the profits. Only one way to solve that and it can’t come quickly enough.
And how long wait for a visa?

Prime minister said to have lost patience with bad press about fuel shortages and economic disruption
Can think of a lot - can you?
There will be a referendum

'It seems to me that the dynamism within Scottish politics is there within the SNP.”
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A new poll shows a majority of people in Scotland support independence.

Yes: 51%
No: 49%

🗳 Scotland must have a choice on its future. Pledge your support:
Join the national day of action on September 18th.
Independence is now crucial…
In an important respect the BBC in Scotland is the exact opposite of the BBC in the rest of the UK. It’s the exact opposite of state broadcasters, indeed even most privately owned broadcaster…
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