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Yes group for Southside area of Glasgow
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📢 Westminster may think that they can just wish away Scotland’s independence movement.

🌱 But our movement is growing and the case for independence grows ever stronger by the day.

✏️ With us? Sign the yes pledge today at
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Our movement stands on the shoulders of giants.

🤝 It’s up to everyone who supports independence to reach out to those not yet convinced.

📣 Let’s take our future into our own hands and embrace all the opportunities independence can bring for Scotland.
Exclusive: A fast-track visa route for Nobel prize laureates and other award-winners in science, engineering, the humanities and medicine has failed to attract any applicants
Join Craig, Head of Policy and Research at Common Weal, for an overview of their Green New Deal proposal
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Please donate what you can to our local IndyLive champion, Kevin, & the team. They do a wonderful job.

The crowdfunder will keep Independence Live (2013) & IndyLive Radio (2019) going & telling Scotland’s story as we work towards Scottish independence.
Preparation is everything - production layout for #YEStival, see graphic.

How much data will be used for the #YEStival event?

Streaming at 720p for 1 hour is about 1.9G.
1) 8 hours for event = 15.2G
2) 1 hour for testing & going longer than expected 1.9G
Total 17.1G

Data is not free. It is only one of the costs of us livestreaming this event. Also we had to purchase cables, cable connectors...
Support our neighbours & buddies!
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⚽️ #PrimoPoetica37 - 'When Scotland Win' by Jenifer Harley⚽️

Scotland's momentous win over Denmark is beautifully captured here.

Another brilliant addition to the collection curated by Jim Mackintosh and Julie McNeill.


Submit here:


Hampden Collection Team
Definitely worth checking out.

Join us on Thursday 2nd - Friday 3rd December for Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!: a conference celebrating notable Scottish occupations featuring a whole host of amazing speakers, performances and video pieces.

2021 is a very important year for Govanhill Baths - it's the 20th anniversary of the community-led occupation and 24-hour picket of the Baths by the Save Our...
Looks a great event.

COP26 brought the world to Scotland - now - with your help Independence Live is aiming to "Invite the World" to join us once again in Scotland.

YEStival will be livestreamed by Independence Live from the Clutha in Glasgow this Saturday. We are asking every YES supporter to "Invite the World" both to see and join us at the event. Starting now simply invite any relatives or...
If you read The National you will be aware that the paper is about to embark on a major initiative along with Believe in Scotland and the SNP to print over one million copies of a special eight pag…
We're getting a supply of these to distribute, so please come along to our Street Stall this Saturday between 12-2pm to help us get these out around Shawlands. I'm told it should be a "game-changer"!

  THE massive job of printing one million pro-independence newspapers produced in a joint project by Believe in Scotland, The National newspaper and the SNP has finished … and now the huge task...
Head down here - after coming along to our Street Stall at Langside Halls!
  Believe in Scotland is the community for people who live in Scotland and who believe that Scotland’s future should be decided by the people of Scotland. We are also Scotland’s most active, most effective and most successful independence campaigning group. We support independence not for the s...
AROUND one thousand campaigners took to the Southside streets today, demanding justice for migrants.
Dr Mark Mcnaught. – The Scottish Sovereignty Research Group (SSRG) To:  – Nicola Sturgeon: First Minister of Scotland and SNP Leader in the Scottish Parliament – Patrick Harv…
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