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Yes Shettleston +YesShettleston
This group is for all things regarding winning a future independence vote in Shettleston
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If you live in the Shettleston Ward and support the SNP here is how to rank our candidates to give us the best chance. Of returning 2 SNP Cllrs for Shettleston Ward

Shettleston Ward Polling Stations

Eastbank Primary and Wellshot Primary – rank candidates Doherty #1 and Turner #2

Mount Vernon Primary, Carmyle Community Centre, Quarrybrae Primary, Shettleston Community Centre, St Pauls...
Both great candidates for Shettleston Ward
It's your last chance to vote for the next SNP candidate for Baillieston.

Ross grew up here, went to school here, still lives here

A true Baillieston boy through and through

He has been working hard behind the scenes for over a decade in the SNP to maximise the potential of our country by returning Scotland to our place as an independent country once again

He has set out his main priorities,...
I have known Ross since he was at school, he has been a member for the SNP for the last 12 years and he is now standing for nomination to represent the Baillieston ward.

He is born and bred and lives in Baillieston and I couldn’t think of a better councillor to represent the baillieston ward than someone who has experienced the issues in the area first hand
⚡️ Energy bills are going up £700.
💡 Rishi's bright idea?
🤦🏻‍♂️ Buy now, pay later on £200 of it.

The #CostOfLivingCrisis needs a serious response, not a sticking plaster.
If he has got nothing to hide he would have no problem with a probe into claims but fact he is resisting a probe into claims of intimidation and blackmail by his whips to keep him in office speaks volumes

Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

No 10 dodges calls for a probe into Tory whip 'blackmail', and the missing Home Office papers which could see two toddlers deported
Tories Running Scared as they go into hiding

Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

Tories are 'in hiding' as no-one is available to take part in an interview after row over calls for Boris Johnson to resign
Here's our Hogmanay front page 🗞

Damning end-of-year scorecard finds Boris Johnson's government 'corrupt on all counts'.

PLUS: The First Minister's New Year's Eve message to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Tomorrow's front page 🗞️

First Minister tells 'corrupt' Boris Johnson he has got to go as new evidence suggests he 'lied' about flat refurbishment
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A new poll shows a clear majority of people in Scotland support independence.

YES: 55%
NO: 45%

📣 Help us reach people across Scotland by pledging your support for Scottish independence and getting involved:
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A new poll shows a clear majority of people in Scotland support independence.

YES: 55%
NO: 45%

📣 Help us reach people across Scotland by pledging your support for Scottish independence and getting involved:
Here's a look at tomorrow's front page🗞

There are calls for pro-Union campaign group These Islands to explain a £150k cash boost

And Nicola Sturgeon reveals all Omicron Covid cases in Scots are linked to one event
Here's a look at tomorrow's front page📰

Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland's independence campaign will begin 'in earnest' in spring with a vote in 2023

And a law expert warns the Tory borders bill threatens Holyrood
UNIONS are in my blood and may they never fade. On a Sunday afternoon in April 1961 my father was killed in a crash whilst heading for an industrial…
Another Tory Brexit shambles as Fist Bus axe Glasgow bus routes due to shortage of Drivers yet we do not hear a word from Glasgow Tory elected reps in city over this

BUS routes in and around the city today have been cancelled due to a driver shortage and sickness absence.
Here how right wing Keir Starmer's British Nationalist Labour Party is this from 2013 but this is Starmer's Choice to be his Chancellor

New shadow work and pensions minister says party will cut welfare bill and force long-term unemployed to take up work offers or lose support
⬆️ National Insurance tax hike
⬆️ Rising cost of Brexit
✂️ Universal Credit cut

⚡️ And now, people are facing rising energy bills under the Tories - over £500 higher than in 2015.

👇 Tory promises on energy prices turned out to be a lie.
Great new for Glasgow as SNP and Greens set to deliver a progressive budget Tomorrow that delivers for the citizens of Glasgow that Improve lives and Communities

#VoteSNP #DavidTurnerForBaillieston #Glasgow
Words can not express how honoured i feel to be given an endorsement from May Findlay who is well known in the Baillieston Community and has lived in the Baillieston area for over 50 years
#VoteSNP #ForBaillieston #DavidTurner1
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