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Yes Shettleston +YesShettleston
This group is for all things regarding winning a future independence vote in Shettleston
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Another Tory Brexit shambles as Fist Bus axe Glasgow bus routes due to shortage of Drivers yet we do not hear a word from Glasgow Tory elected reps in city over this

BUS routes in and around the city today have been cancelled due to a driver shortage and sickness absence.
Here how right wing Keir Starmer's British Nationalist Labour Party is this from 2013 but this is Starmer's Choice to be his Chancellor

New shadow work and pensions minister says party will cut welfare bill and force long-term unemployed to take up work offers or lose support
⬆️ National Insurance tax hike
⬆️ Rising cost of Brexit
✂️ Universal Credit cut

⚡️ And now, people are facing rising energy bills under the Tories - over £500 higher than in 2015.

👇 Tory promises on energy prices turned out to be a lie.
Great new for Glasgow as SNP and Greens set to deliver a progressive budget Tomorrow that delivers for the citizens of Glasgow that Improve lives and Communities

#VoteSNP #DavidTurnerForBaillieston #Glasgow
Words can not express how honoured i feel to be given an endorsement from May Findlay who is well known in the Baillieston Community and has lived in the Baillieston area for over 50 years
#VoteSNP #ForBaillieston #DavidTurner1
It almost seems another age, but it was only last weekend when they came to Perth. This was where our comrades in the Labour Party got back in touch with their ‘core’ Labour values, where the word …
A reminder if you live in the Baillieston Ward you have till March the 3rd to Apply for a Postal vote

Baillieston Ward includes any one who lives in the following areas of Shettleston Constituency


At Yes Shettleston we are supporting the SNP Candidate for the seat as its important we return a Yes supporting Councillor to the...
I’m delighted to endorse David Turner in the Baillieston by-election. David has proven himself to be a hardworking and diligent councillor in the ward previously and I sincerely hope to see him re-elected so that he can continue that work.
Are you a Shettleston SNP branch member?
If you can attend our zoom meeting tomorrow, Please do.
It would be great to see you.
Check your email for the link and full agenda,
Graeme Sneddon will be joining us to give us more information on Both Votes SNP and Postal votes.
Vital information for our upcoming election.
View the Funeral Notice for Billy McPeake. See the funeral arrangements, post a Memory you have of Billy, or share the Funeral Notice with family and friends.
Information about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccination programme across Scotland and answers to the most frequesntly asked questions.
Former Tory councillor Tony Curtis has been sacked by Glasgow City Council for failing to attend a single meeting in last 6 Months

Former Tory Councillor Tony Curtis was sacked today for failing to carry out his elected duties

The current rules state that a councillor must attend 1 meeting every 6 months the requirement is a Councillor only needs to have their name recorded as being...
As we look ahead, we should have every confidence in what is possible if we take our future into our own hands.
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